Rossi Frustation on GP11

Saturday, June 18, 2011

After doing tests on Ducati GP12 at the Mugello circuit, Valentino Rossi expressed his excitement over the development of motor preparation for the upcoming 2012 season. This is in stark contrast compared to the frustration that is incapable of hiding after the race at Silverstone, England.

Rossi seems to be bothered with "charges" many people who judge has failed to develop a GP11. After the race, Rossi made the comments that the failure at Silverstone not only his own responsibilities. The Doctor then apportioned blame to the three parties. Herself, motor and crew.

"I say that the fault for this weekend should be divided equally into three parts: I still can not ride a motor with the necessary means (motor) to drive, and I received 33% (error) I, the motor itself, especially when dry , not as competitive as Honda and Yamaha, so another 33% for him, and finally my team have to work more effectively over the weekend, because we were slower than Hayden all the time. I'm closer to the front this morning as wet in the warm-up session, but later in the race my bike difficult to ride all the time. Nicky, on the other hand, can have a pretty good race, including setting the fastest lap, showed that the Ducati at least competitive when wet. This means that it does the job better than our (business) sort out the bike, "Rossi told GPone said.

Rossi previously almost never issued such a statement. Even during the worst conditions with Yamaha in 2006 and 2007 seasons though. Then consider also the following statement regarding updates Rossi made Ducati manufacturer who can not help even though she felt it give a true indication to the manufacturer.

"There will be no radical change, we need to sort out 2 or 3 things, and I hope to have updates as soon as possible, although it will not be ready before the Mugello. I can not say whether it was useful until I actually tried it. We have given a specific indication for the manufacturer, but only when we try it we'll know whether we've given them a true indication, and if Ducati able to translate it into a useful update. "

There is a tone of disappointment in the inability of the manufacturer Ducati in translating what is desired Valentino Rossi. Hopefully this is only momentary disappointment. 2011 season has been running for six series, that means the opportunity is still open. 800cc engine problem will only be used until the end of this 2011 season. Maybe because it's Ducati GP11 and GP12 initiative developed in parallel.

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