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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The death of the Italian MotoGP rider Marco Simoncelli (24), is still a subject of conversation in many parts of the world. A number of entrepreneurs Kalbar who witnessed the tragedy at the Sepang Circuit, Malaysia, it has been felt since the beginning of a strange feeling.

"Watching the direct motor racing is adrenaline. The sensation is different than just watching on television," said Word, Firmansyah close calls, in the office of Pontianak Tribune, Tuesday (10/25/2011).

"My friend as to deliberately did not bring a camera so he can continue to concentrate on the racetrack," he added.
In 2010, the Word and Roy came to the Sepang Circuit to watch the MotoGP champion rider spurred the horse iron. The event to watch the MotoGP race at Sepang on Sunday (23.10.2011), becomes an unforgettable experience for them.

The Word says, they were eight of them children, nephews, friends, and employees Atiqa Computer Stores depart from Pontianak, Thursday (10/20/2011) night, using the buses and arrived on Friday (10/21/2011) morning in Kuching.

They then went on a plane to Kuala Lumpur and stayed two nights there. They buy tickets 73 ringgit per person.

"We did not watch the race Saturday as they take a walk. While watching, we sat in the stands K1 or bend of unity after the start," he said.

Since the race motor 2 has a lot of accidents in the third corner after the start. Surprisingly, according to him, at the turn lifting the yellow flag officers are not in a strategic area to see another rider, so there is a fallen rider was hit by another rider.

The Word says, in fact he was a candidate Valentino Rossi and Simoncelli. So, he followed the correct movement Simoncelli determines will be the new rising star.

The proof, says the Word, after passing the first lap, Simoncelli who use motorcycles numbered 58, which was originally in fifth can be directly bolted to fourth leaves Rossi.

"Unfortunately the unfortunate Simoncelli. At the event, it's around the corner that we can not see straight. We see the screen and the long wait. Up to tens of minutes there was no rider in the past, then we know there are incidents that killed Simoncelli," he said.

"It was a lot of spectators disappointed, and then threw bottles and beverage cans to the racetrack," said Word of the hobby racing motorcycles and racing cars, planes, ships this remote control.

Word and his friends continued to talk over the events that befall these Simoncelli. Moreover, after arriving in New York City on Monday (24/10) afternoon, she checked the photos jepretannya results.

There is a surprising thing he found from the photographs. There is a possibility, Simoncelli did not put his helmet lock. The photo was recorded when Simoncelli doing warming up.

Based on his experience watching racing, helmet lock position should be docked to the bottom of the chin. Well, judging from the results jepretannya, helmet lock is probably not installed properly.

"Maybe because of that, his helmet when he was thrown directly dependent on his motorcycle that swerved, and his motorcycle was hit by Colin Edwards," said Word.

Meanwhile, Roy, a resident of Jl Danau Sentarum Raya Complex Sustainable Partners II kompter businessman who also told, he has twice been watching racing straight at Sepang.

When I first came in, week circuit is much more lively atmosphere than in 2010. Even an audience of Indonesia several times that amount. They depart from Pontianak as many as 26 people.

"When you first set foot on the circuit, there is a strange feeling that hit me. Kok spectators crowded in there, but feels there is silence," he said.

"Sounds like the speaker is not audible to the stands when read passing grade, warming up, and when it begins the start. The silence was for me such a feeling would happen something unusual," said Roy.

Another hunch is felt Roy is usually at start all riders have started waving, as if greeting his fans. But, until the first lap, Simoncelli no sign of greeting. Only after the first lap is completed and only a few seconds before the hit, then Simoncelli say hello.

"At the start only one or two riders are greeted. Looks like all ignorant. MC was like no. Are they really that ignorant or signs there will be something that bleak," he said.

"After the incident, I was very sad. After leaving the stadium and realized my favorite rider was killed, there is an empty feeling. Marijuana. How come like that," Roy said.

For Julius, who also participated in the entourage to the Sepang MotoGP race this time megecewakan and sad because of the tragedy that befell Simoncelli.

"Disappointed, because it came all the way to Sepang, I just enjoy the 1.5 lap MotoGP race. I am sitting in front of the paddock, only skipped three times. Pas warming up, start, and the first lap," said Julius, citizens of Perum III Pontianak.

Julius who was contacted was in Sanggau fans jamming Valentino Rossi and Pedrosa. Thus, although the area near the start, he had not paid much attention Simoncelli. His attention was focused on the three Repsol Honda rider who started in the front line.

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