Spies Confident Will Be Rocketed

Monday, June 27, 2011

A beautiful weekend for Ben Spies. His first victory in the MotoGP event can be called to make his confidence increasing.

"We get a spare-parts are equal and we often discuss in order to develop the Yamaha to be even better," he said before the race, implying that he and Jorge Lorenzo was given the same priority to Yamaha though Spies itself is the new kid.

On the same occasion, too, Spies said he was delighted to be joining with Yamaha and will try my best in its inaugural season - implying that he did not expect great result here.

Spies who started the race in second position with a well managed to start and maintain that position.

The incident that led to the fall of Lorenzo and Marco Simoncelli eventually pave the way racers from the United States to perform in front. He took over the leading position and continues to lead the race to the bottom. Casey Stoner could only shadows of a position sufficiently far in the second position.

The win was welcomed by the Yamaha camp - who were celebrating the "anniversary" of their participation in motor racing. Lin Jarvis, managing director of Yamaha, said that this victory will have a positive role for the appearance of Spies in the future.

"At the beginning of the series he was getting into trouble, but as his journey he is getting better," said Jarvis, who met in the paddock behind the Yamaha.

"This victory could make his confidence grow. This can cause a sense of 'Ooh, I was able to surpass Lorenzo ... I can beat Stoner'," continued Jarvis.

But Jarvis also did not dismiss the disappointment because Lorenzo only finish in sixth position. He called, the Spaniard was just unlucky this time.

"In life, you need everything to come together and help you. And you also need luck in it," he said.

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