Cautions on Assen - Stoner

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Casey Stoner did not want losing concentration to its performance in the last three races. Therefore, the rider from Australia was dismissed the notion that he will continue to dominate the 2011 MotoGP race this season, including seven in the series at Assen, the Netherlands, next week.

Indeed, Stoner appear very impressive and dominated the last three series at Le Mans, Catalunya and Silverstone. As a result, the 2007 world champion now leads the championship by 18 points over closest rivals from Yamaha, Jorge Lorenzo.

In Assen, Stoner also had a significant opportunity to continue its dominance once scored four consecutive victories, which would be the greatest achievement of his career first. Because the circuit has become one of his favorites.

However, the Repsol Honda rider is not complacent with what has been established with the HRC team. He remained cautious with the threat of its rivals, although this season rider Stoner became the most number of wins, which is four times that of the six series that have been acted.

Based on the calendar, the next four series (Assen, Mugello, Sachsenring and Laguna Seca) is a track where Stoner had success when he was with Ducati. But he acknowledged, it is not a guarantee that he could perform again.

"I really enjoy a number of tracks that will come, but anything can happen in racing. I might make a mistake, so need to see what happens. Because I won the previous race, there was no association with it," said Stoner.

After undergoing six series, seems to hunt for the world title this season, narrowed to only two drivers, namely Stoner and Lorenzo, who was forced to step down from the top of the standings after he failed to finish at Silverstone. This is for the first time MotoGP world champion was unable to finish at Phillip Island on since October 2009.

With Valentino Rossi still struggling to make the Ducati GP11 in order to perform more consistently on the podium and Dani Pedrosa is still struggling with the injury fractures the hose - so that was absent in Catalunya and Silverstone -, Stoner admitted that Lorenzo became the toughest rivals.

"Jorge was the only competitor for the championship today. Nevertheless, there are other riders who could pose a threat.

"What makes Jorge was so impressive last year is that her confidence keeps building. I do not see Yamaha's worse than last year. If so, they should go back to the motor last year. Motors we are not much better than last year. This is the motor same as 2010.

"Jorge has a high confidence last year, and that's why he's getting faster and faster, making it a bit surprising that he sometimes difficult to equate a record time of year."

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