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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

 In the paddock behind the heavy trucks are lined up. This 'Monsters' engine are the responsibility in the team's journey from one circuit to another circuit.

The trucks parked behind the paddock, there are a variety of spare-parts from computer facilities use to record the various data. Each team has at least more than two trucks.

If the barrage of the MotoGP series held in Europe, such as now, the trucks will carry different equipment across the Continent, from one country to another in which a series was held.

"We have four trucks. Immediately after the completion of the series we will be unpacked and went straight to the other."

"Now we must prepare for Mugello," said managing director of Yamaha's Lin Jarvis, about the big trucks.

What if a series was held outside of Europe? "These trucks will send equipment to the shipping company and everything will be taken straight to fly," explains Jarvis later.

In the back paddock itself not only contained a row of large trucks, where mechanics often seen coming and going before getting into the garage, but there are also buildings that become a "home" property of the MotoGP teams.

The buildings were colored according to color or color livery team greatness. Like, for example, the Ducati's coloring "house" in red.
"The Mansion House" of the MotoGP team is useful as a place to relax staff teams, drivers and other invited guests. In it the staff and guests were treated to a variety of food, seating for relaxing as well as wi-fi facilities.

"You can just tell me, if you want to made coffee or tea," said one of the staff who served as a waiter.

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