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Monday, October 24, 2011

Death in Malaysian MotoGP Marco Simoncelli (23/10) is to be deep sorrow for the MotoGP and world of international racing. The reason the Italian racer was the top rider in the MotoGP 2011. A few moments before the news of his death was released, had circulated the news that his condition is fine and the race will resume at 16:45 o'clock time Sepang, Malaysia.

But it was actually quite the opposite direction condition, the condition of the drivers nicknamed the Super Sic was quite severe and in critical condition. Simoncelli was rushed to hospital in Kuala Lumpur, but he still did not help. Simoncelli was last breath after being taken to hospital.

May be the best course in nature there Simoncelli, we were all saddened by this incident. Here are some pictures shot the fatal accident that caused the death of Marco Simoncelli.

Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi who was behind Marco Simoncelli

Marco Simoncelli who had already been dragged down because of his lean angle exceeds the maximum limit

Simoncelli on track motorcycle drag racing, while Edwards and Rossi seeks to avoid

Edwards began to grind lower back Simoncelli, while Rossi's attempt to avoid

Edwards and Rossi trying to not drop, while Simoncelli had run over the front tires motor Edwards

Hard collision was inevitable that Edwards could not do anything about it. Simoncelli helmet supposedly been released at this moment, because it looks vaguely fluffy hair Simoncelli between motor Edwards and Rossi

Edwards regardless of the motor, while Simoncelli was dragged in front of the motorcycle Edwards

Rossi's attempt to control the motorcycle, while Edwards has resigned

Edwards crashes hard into the track, Simoncelli still dragged

Rossi seeks to control the bike

Simoncelli drawn without using a helmet again, her face facing the asphalt

Simoncelli continues to be dragged down to the edge of the track, while Rossi out of the track

helmet go great rolled up out of the track, so even with Edwards

Edwards had time to get up and check out the rest of her injuries approximately

Simoncelli lying helpless on the edge of the track, Edwards bowed as he endured the pain

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