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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Assen Circuit MotoGP in Netherlands, became a very historic moment for the team Yamaha Motor Racing. Because, in the seventh series of MotoGP 2011 is on Saturday (25.06.11), a Japanese factory team is celebrating 50 years of its participation in motor racing.

So do not be surprised if the Yamaha rider invites his legend, who had brought the team won the world title, to celebrate. One is Phil Read, who throughout his career won eight world titles in racing "iron horse" is.

Men born January 1, 1939 in Luton, England, is, is a rider with a reputation that may not be equated by anyone. How could I not, in one season he was able to scoop up three titles at once for 125cc, 250cc and 500cc.

But for Yamaha, Read, who earned the nickname "The Prince of Speed" gives a first degree in 1964, when it won the 250cc class trophy. Two years later, he repeated the feat with a new motor, when Yamaha introduced the 250cc four-cylinder engine.

Read mention, who in 2002 received the homage of the FIM (Federation of International Motorsport) as one rider legend. 72-year-old man tried to give his views on today's motor racing with the first.

"I think the drivers are now very lucky," said Read, who last raced at the age of 43 years on the series that lasted Isle of Man TT, 1982.

"Currently they are aided by the great mechanics and with large numbers. Compare this with us first, which is only aided by two mechanics," he explained.

Nevertheless, he acknowledged that with the technology continues to evolve, the event is now increasingly competitive motor racing. Thus, it is very interesting to watch.

Race at Assen, the Yamaha comes with "costumes" new. If they usually synonymous with the color blue, in the Dutch GP Yamaha uses a white-red color, which is the color legend, as I've ever used Read. Ahead of the MotoGP race, Yamaha's first parade was held, where all the riders crossed the legendary Assen circuit, using a motor that never brings them into world champions.

This color will also be re-imposed when the United States GP at Laguna Seca, on 24 July. It is part of a series of celebrations of 50 years participation in motor racing arena.

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