Jorge Lorenzo Back So Challengers

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In 2011 Jorge Lorenzo failed to retain his champion in the primary classroom. While so many figures racing (including Valentino Rossi) praised the effort and mental toughness to face Casey Stoner.

Lorenzo Jorge Lorenzo's M1 1000 300x199: Back So PenantangFaktanya Lorenzo was only capable of sticking points, Casey. Even when I have spent the last two races (three if the race Sepang taken into account) due to an accident on the warm up session at Phillip Island, he was a solid runner-up position. Therefore many of them think if the team does not sign Stoner Repsol Honda was then Lorenzo MotoGP champion 2011.

But all the praise of course means nothing if, in fact, Jorge should lose the crown. He himself had to admit, his failure to maintain the performance not only because of the YZR-M1 is less than the RC212V but there are also elements of guilt. One of the most prominent of the accident at the British MotoGP race held at Silverstone.

Outside of his confession, in the 2011 season, especially at the beginning of the series seems to Lorenzo too tried to play it safe. Accidents and Stoner at Jerez Repsol Honda team's victory was achieved rotating between Stoner and Dani Pedrosa had made at the top of the standings.

The situation then changed after Lorenzo DNF at Silverstone. Stoner leads the standings up. Lorenzo effort to pursue the more difficult because no other drivers can be expected to block the Aussie post Pedrosa crash at Le Mans.

In this 2012 season Jorge will no longer wore the number # 1 on the bike. He now is no longer a contender and the defending champion. Hopefully, he returned to behave as a challenger as he showed in the 2009 season against The Doctor. Even if later on the performance of M1 1000cc again not comparable with the RC213V, but if X-Fuera could continue to be between Stoner and Pedrosa, he could make use of "civil war" between the two hero's HRC.

In addition, Lorenzo also should be able to break through the mental Stoner as he had done by Rossi. To the site Motomatters, Jeremy Burgess once said that what happened at Laguna Seca in 2008 it is something that the script had been prepared with cooked.

Rossi and Burgess believes that time Stoner was on the wind. He only thinks about winning and never thought someone would beat him. At that moment he must be defeated, in the most extreme ones. Burgess also had to open the card that Rossi will not appear insist such as Laguna Seca GP Catalunya 2008 or 2009 in each series. Valentino just need to do that at times terentu course, that was the moment in which his main rival was felt that the race would be his.

Can Lorenzo do the same?

The Mental Casey Stoner (supposed) More Ready

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Not an easy thing to be able to win the world title in the primary classroom more than once. After Valentino Rossi, Casey Stoner, who could just do it. And even then not in a row. If in 2008 Casey failed to defend his title, would he successfully did in the 2012 season?

300x168 RC213V Stoner Casey Stoner: The Mental (supposed) More Ready "The first one is a dream. It's hard to realize what is really happening. But this one, we knew that we had a chance to win the season. This one really confirms what we did last time, "says Stoner, while celebrating his second at Phillip Island.

Title victory in the 2007 season was like a dream for him. He and Ducati also did not initially target to achieve success at Casey's in the first year with Ducati Desmosedici debut and also when 800cc.Efeknya felt in the 2008 season. Stoner less mentally prepared to defend his title from the onslaught of The Doctor.

In 2011 The Aussie like doing repetitions. He won the title in his first season with Repsol Honda team. But certainly not entirely the same as that occurred in 2007. Casey comes to Honda with high confidence. Join the Honda factory team and wore uniforms like the Repsol senior Mick Doohan was his goal all along. And become world champion has become the target from the beginning because that's the reason HRC sign him. Honda did not want to miss the 800cc era (which is where the idea originally came from Honda's own) without any title.

So, Stoner is more ready to defend his title in 2012?

Properly so. RC213V shows positive signs in the test session last year. It was just a test early. Yamaha and Ducati will certainly try hard to catch. However, at least, Stoner had a strong initial capital.

'Enemy in the blanket' Stoner had already reduced this year. Stay Dani Pedrosa who will ride a bike with exactly the same. No more Marco Simoncelli and Andrea Dovizioso. Pedrosa is the price and beat him to death if you do not want to be a degree achieved by only the 2011 season because of bad luck over the fate suffered by Dani.

Hayden and Dovizioso Threatened Sepang Test Could Not Participate

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The holiday season for MotoGP rider is not a time to relax. They still have to practice though not with the MotoGP bike course. But though only exercise, accidents can occur as experienced by Nicky Hayden and Andrea Dovizioso.

300x241 Hayden and Dovizioso hayden1 Risk Test Could Not Participate SepangHayden injury suffered shoulder blade and ribs in a crash during practice on December 27, 2011. This is his first post-training accident in the last series in the 2011 MotoGP circuit Ricardo Tormo, Valencia. The American rider has to undergo further examination by Dr.. Arthur Ting in California to determine whether he needs surgery.

"Examination of the good doctor. No surgery is needed, "said Nicky via Twitter.

167x300 Hayden and Dovizioso Risk Test Could Not Participate SepangSementara Andrea Dovizioso was yesterday (01.05.12) also proclaim himself (via Twitter) was in the hospital with a broken collarbone.

"Damn, I mangalami broken right collarbone while (driving) motocross," commented briefly Dovi.

At this time Dovizioso has not said how serious the injury and whether he should undergo surgery to repair a broken bone.

Both Hayden and Dovizioso are not yet certain to take part in the MotoGP test at Sepang at the end of this month. Hayden also has not been able to attend the annual event certainly Vrooom with Ducati and Ferrari in Madonna in Campiglio del which will take place from March 9 to 14 January.

Top Priority For Tires Bridgestone MotoGP Safety Advisor

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Loris Capirossi was one of the MotoGP riders including Bridgstone tires heavily criticized performance during the 2011 season. Because of that tire problems became his first priority after being appointed by Dorna MotoGP as a security adviser.

Adviser 300x198 Capirossi Capirossi: Bridgestone Tires Top Priority For MotoGP Security Adviser "Carmelo (Ezpeleta) said 'about the tire problem, you decide, you are free to be angry', so I immediately use this power," said Capirossi told Motosprint, as quoted by Autosport.

"My meeting with people in Valencia Bridgestone's hard. I told them that certain things will not be accepted anymore: the tire is too hard and therefore too dangerous, so it must be changed. "

"The situation in 2011 tire has never been clear, so in 2012 I would choose tires for racers, which means I will do it personally: I will depart with a number of tires and pick her own."

"There are problems also with serial number: the number that you can tell when the tire was built. A tire that was built two years ago will not be able to go as fast as the one built last week. Some racers have new tires and some other old ones. That's not good, should be improved: I want the last rider could have the same possibilities to the forefront. "

Capirossi also said that his position as an outsider Dorna will also be an advantage, because it will enable it to be free from problems such as economic political compromise.

"There's something important that all people should know: I want to do what I do now in order to make life easier for drivers."

"I received a proposal Dorna with one condition: I must be given the opportunity to do things with passion and without being ruled by economic or political interests."

Yamaha Attract Eneos As Main Sponsor

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MotoGP Mania - The announcement was the end of the collaboration between Yamaha Factory Racing team with the Malaysian oil company, Petronas, soon lead to the assumption that the team had been unable to attract sponsors. But probably it will not be proven. Recent rumors say that in this 2012 season Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies will be sponsored by Eneous.

Attract Girls Yamaha Eneos 300x175 Eneos As Main Sponsor? Site Greek MotoGrandPrix telling it that he obtained from the CEO ENPO Hellas SA, Greece Eneos product importers, and was also confirmed by MotoMatters from secondary sources. Eneos is a Japanese brand of oil, which markets a wide range of high-end lubricant products from the Japanese giant oil company, JX Nippon.

Eneos and JX Nippon is no stranger to the world of motorsport, had sponsored the Honda F1 team and is currently partnered with a team in Japan's Super GT series but have never been involved in motorcycle racing.

Since Eneos are in direct competition with Petronas is not possible to announce the fact that Yamaha will replace Eneos Malaysian company said in a press release issued last week because of contractual obligations. An official announcement of the deal is expected to be out within one or weeks to come.

2011 season Yamaha Factory Racing Team in the MotoGP class down without a major sponsor. Early last year Masao Furusawa says it happens because Yamaha wanted to perform with the manufacturer livery to celebrate 50 years of participation in the World Grand Prix event. If Eneos really will be the main sponsor of Yamaha for the 2012 season, meaning you could say it's not just a statement Furusawa ngeles.

And also if the rumors are true, it could be we'll see Yamaha wearing orange color to replace the old blue color typical of Yamaha. Also interesting to look whether it will support Yamaha Yamalube.

FIM MotoGP 2012 Schedule Calendar

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2012 MotoGP calendar has been released, is back for a revision of the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM). They also change the date of implementation is now accelerated.

Revisions made by the FIM at the moment is very important. One is the acceleration of the opening Losail series held April 8, 2012. This program a week earlier than the previous list was published by the FIM.

Another change is that it was no longer subject to the contract Jerez (STC) because he had terminated his contract.

Sachsenring circuit that previously did not have sufficient funds to carry MotoGP event in 2012, has been established that the circuit used in the MotoGP series after German. However, the contract Sachsenring is not yet final.

The schedule of the 2012 MotoGP, while the last, as reported by the crash:

* April 8 Losail in Qatar

April 29 Spain Jerez de la Frontera

May 6 Portugal (STC) Estoril

May 20 France Le Mans

June 3 Catalunya Catalunya

June 17 Britain Silverstone

** Netherlands Assen on June 30

July 8 Germany (STC) Sachsenring

July 15 Italy Mugello

July 29 *** United States Laguna Seca

August 19 in Indianapolis

August 26 Brno Czech Republic

September 16 San Marino Misano

September 30 Motorland Aragon

October 14 Japan Motegi

21 Malaysia Sepang Okctober

October 28 Australia Phillip Island

11 November Valencia Ricardo Tormo

* Night race

Course on Saturday **

*** Only MotoGP

STC (Subject of the contract)

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