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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

This weekend at the Circuit Assen, the Netherlands, Valentino Rossi will use a version of the Ducati 2012 chassis is matched with a 800 cc engine. The team doing that in an effort to end a disappointing performance during the 2011 MotoGP season.

The new motor is coded "GP11.1" will also use a new transmission. Version of the system is also used Honda has given evidence of being one of the keys to their success in dominating the six race series.

Ducati decided to use a new chassis after receiving the blessing. Because, with the transfer of the engine from 800 cc to 1,000 cc in the 2012 season, teams are allowed manufacturers to use the design in 2012 as a venue for the trial, although there are still limitations. Thus, Rossi will be familiar with the chassis, although he never got permission to try it with a 800 cc engine at the practice session this weekend.

During this season, Rossi, who recently joined with Ducati on the podium only once. Although his physical condition has not been 100 percent fit and it is alleged as one cause of the ground up, can not be denied that the Ducati's performance was not memorable.

Ducati technical boss, Filippo Preziosi, said that while GP11.1 will be a step forward, and the team will continue to work to refine.

"We decided to make GP11.1, which puts a 800 cc engine in the chassis GP12, to accelerate the development of the motor next year. The use of motorcycle riders also provided us a better foundation and potential in the face of competition," says Preziosi.

"Considering that Valentino has never ride GP11.1, these decisions require proof in some series to enhance its potential. However, we decided to continue to move forward with it because we believe this is an important step for us in the development process."

"Improving the gearbox will likely be a solution for us. Ducati Corse Department will continue to study further innovations, both for this year and for 2012."

What does the Ducati is in line with the wishes of Rossi. The reason is, "The Doctor" asks the team to improve performance by providing a new motor.

"Filippo, the people at Ducati, and the test team has worked very hard. They have enabled us to create a new step in developing our bike," said seven-time MotoGP world champion is.

"We do not have the opportunity to test the 800 cc engine since at Estoril, so we'll do it during the race weekend. This is done in a very limited time. Therefore, we must focus on two jobs: to make basic adjustments to a new technical section and find general setup for the race on Saturday. We must do a good job on the track in order to get the most out of the work done at the factory. "

"It will be difficult, and we know it may take a while before we can really achieve the best. Even so, we are happy and motivated by the work we do."

Rossi's teammate, Nicky Hayden, will not get GP11.1 until the race took place in his own house, in Laguna Seca, in July. However, he will use the version of the "step 2" frame 2011 from Assen.

"It's clear that the Ducati is working hard, and it gave me motivation, team, and for all supporters of Ducati," said the rider in the United States. "I wish I could put my hands on GP11.1 as soon as possible," added the 2006 world champion.

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