Yamaha Will Made Stoner Uncomfortable

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yamaha MotoGP team manager, Wilco Zeelenberg, said that his squad is ready to give strong emphasis to the Repsol Honda rider, Casey Stoner, on the seventh MotoGP 2011 in Assen, the Netherlands, this weekend. They are determined to take over top spot again, now occupied by Stoner after race series at Silverstone Circuit, England, where Lorenzo failed to finish due to falls.

Since the beginning of the season, Lorenzo has always been at the top. However, in the sixth series in England, the Spanish world champion had to give up his position Stoner coup because he was unable to finish the race. By contrast, appear very dominant Stoner to win the race very wet so that it can shift the Lorenzo and is now 18 points ahead.

Zeelenberg do not think that this is the reason for them to grieve. But, he sure Yamaha is still quite fast and competitive to rise again and fight with the Honda despite the fact that Stoner has won four of the six series that acted.

"We are currently ranked number two, which is certainly not a bad position; we'll see if we can make Casey uneasy," said Zeelenberg.

"We made a mistake at Silverstone and is now a deficit of 18 points, certainly a different situation for Jorge compared to last season and this year, where he was always in front."

"When you lead, you do not get any better than that. So we must above all else and I believe he was able to fight with Casey for the win. We are only behind two-tenths of that in front during qualifying at Silverstone so we have proved that our paketan getting better and closer to that in the future. "

Lorenzo said he would not change anything now. Former double world champion 250cc class is confirmed, he will just try to continue to pursue.

"Now we're in second place in the standings, we came here to try to put pressure on the ruling of the league," he said.

"I need to do the same job as I did before, with maximum effort. The team remained focused and I hope to finish anymore, at least on the podium."

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