Lorenze Furios on Simoncelli - Assen

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Jorge Lorenzo was furious with Marco Simoncelli after the Dutch MotoGP. Yamaha rider was also asked Simoncelli punished for potentially endangering other drivers.

Simoncelli who started from pole position, lost control of his motorcycle on the first lap and fell.

The fall of San Carlo Honda Gresini rider was co bad for Lorenzo at his side. Lorenzo joined and both end up falling on the edge of the track.

Both Lorenzo and Simoncelli finally was able to continue the race despite the loss of valuable time. Lorenzo's sixth place finish in ninth position while Simoncelli.

"You do not need to see the impressions he repeated. I saw him live when on my bike. And he did not intentionally make me fall, but apparently he did not think much," muttered Lorenzo was quoted as saying by Autosport.

"I think he has learned from the controversy he created in the past, but obviously it's not the case," Lorenzo mention more.

Simoncelli driving style before it's been criticized because it is considered too aggressive. Moreover, he was never involved a similar incident that made Honda's Dani Pedrosa from injury.

"He is still haphazard as ever, and luckily I was not hurt, I was fine and could earn a few points. But to be honest if he did not change his attitude, in the future he will make another driver injured."

"If I was in the security committee (the drivers), I will revoke the license for a few races, but I'm just a racer and I do not have the power to make that decision," Lorenzo said.

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