Honda Stars Mades from Tragic Incident

Monday, June 13, 2011

When HRC announced that it will derive four riders at a time, that would predict the existence of 'civil war' in the Honda. It seemed to be proven. On the positive side (for Honda) both can be mutually supportive, although a tragic way.

The civil war had already happened and has also claimed casualties. At Le Mans, Dani Pedrosa and Marco Simoncelli DNF failed to gain a podium (maybe even win) first. Pedrosa's misfortune did not end up there, due to the French GP Pedrosa incident must also spend the next two series, Catalunya and Silverstone. Even still may continue in the next series.

But, in the absence of Dani on the track obviously reduce the burden of Casey Stoner. However, heavy opponent Stoner was three colleagues who both ride RC212V version of the manufacturer, especially Pedrosa.

So we should expect, a delay comeback on The Little Spaniard was purely because the conditions are not yet ready for racing, not because there is Stoner's engineered to let the stars shine brighter than the other three HRC star.

Pedrosa's absence also indirectly adversely affect Jorge Lorenzo. Of the six series that has been going on, it can be said Yamaha has not been able to keep up Honda. Without Pedrosa, Stoner greater dominance. So, Lorenzo could no longer get benefits through competition between the winners of the Honda team itself.

Meanwhile, the camp was visible Ducati has not been able to compete against Honda's strength. So the only way to survive Lorenzo at the top row, yes must be able to fight with Stoner. Because although it could be on the podium but if still finish behind the 2007 MotoGP world champion, then the points will be missed especially after a fall at Silverstone.

What's happening in real indication Yamaha Catalunya bit better. Not just because for the first time this season both Yamaha Factory Racing rider was able to ascend the podium, but also because of Lorenzo and Spies in fact still hard to be pursued both by Andrea Dovizioso (Repsol Honda) or Valentino Rossi (Ducati).

Despite the unfavorable weather for the race, disability Dovizioso chasing Spies indicated that Yamaha has been doing repairs while Honda might be just quick hands of Stoner. Meanwhile, Marco Simoncelli when it comes time to perform brilliantly not just for the single lap, it will be profitable Lorenzo.

With such close distances between the four series ranging from Mugello to Catalunya, the conditions at Catalunya will not change drastically for the manufacturer to perform engine overhaul or other engine settings. The accuracy of selecting the set-up motor in accordance with the circuit and the weather will be a key factor of success in the upcoming series.

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