Assen - One Unique Series of MotoGP

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Assen is unique, according to a statement it is also special. Proverbial, Assen MotoGP series is the cathedral of a series.

"The atmosphere is more that in MotoGP in Europe. Assen own unique because he was held Saturday.

Assen is like that. If you are aware, the circuit was built in 1955 has always held a race on a Saturday in June. Just like this year where they held a race on Saturday, June 25, 2011.

The circuit has a length of 4555 meters it has the capacity to accommodate 100,000 spectators. It was so hectic, people who want to come to watch the race should come early in the morning.

"Otherwise it will be difficult even to find a parking space. Hard for the parked bus," said one of his fellow journalists.

Be, the group decided to go faster. Distance from Amsterdam to Assen itself takes about three hours.

Assen is one of the older circuits in the MotoGP calendar trip. He never missed the 500 cc race held since 1955. Until finally renamed the Moto GP in 2002, they also never lost to the host. No wonder they called the "cathedral" MotoGP.

Since 2002, Valentino Rossi is the most frequent rider to win here, where he won five times - the last was in 2009. Last year, the race in Assen was won by the world champion Jorge Lorenzo.

This year, Lorenzo must start the race from fourth position, behind Marco Simoncelli, Ben Spies and Casey Stoner. After failing to finish at Silverstone a few weeks ago, he had claimed to be itching to win here - let alone position in the standings has been overtaken by Stoner.

For information, Assen MotoGP series is also taking place in Europe beginning with the Spanish GP in April and will be concluded with the German MotoGP on 17 July. Furthermore, the MotoGP series will continue to Laguna Seca, United States.

For the record anyway, three of the five series in Europe this year it was won by Stoner's success.

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