Lorenzo Congratulate Stoner Success

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Jorge Lorenzo successfully underwent plastic surgery in Australia. Kin, the Yamaha rider who had just lost his MotoGP world champion had been flown back to his home in Barcelona, ​​to undergo a recovery period.

As already confirmed, the former double world champion 250cc class will be absent at the Malaysian GP this weekend. Chances to appear on the last series in Valencia, 4-6 November, also not yet certain, because the new decision will be taken within two weeks ahead, depending on the progress of the recovery.

Last weekend Lorenzo could not appear in the Australian GP, ​​due to an accident during warm-up session on Sunday (16.10.11) morning. It paved the way Repsol Honda rider, Casey Stoner, to embrace the world title, number one on the podium after the race in public alone.

The success of the rival, Lorenzo did not forget to congratulate him. After that, he talked about the injury that happened to him.

"Casey had a remarkable season, with very little to make mistakes. He was always very strong and consistent, making it difficult to beat. Congratulations to him, he has become the best in this year, and both deserve the title, the accomplishments he achieved with factory different (Ducati and Honda), "Lorenzo said.

"I want to fight until the end of the season, perhaps up to Valencia, but the accident on Sunday made it impossible. I am very proud of my team, for all their hard work, so it came in second place standings. Now we have to think about next year, and hard work as much as possible to get back to winning.

"After the accident, I was so worried anymore can not feel anything on my finger. After receiving exceptional treatment, I feel sure I can have a perfect sense of nerves and muscles. It gives me good confidence; I can not wait to re-sit M1 on me again! "

Indeed, due to the accident, Lorenzo left ring finger cut off on the first segment. But in operation, the finger can be connected again, and the terms and muscles to function properly. The middle finger was injured, although only loss of the skin, and has been closed with SSG taken from the hypothenar (group of three muscles that control movement of the palm of the hand little finger).

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