Simoncelli Stars Dim Before Glow

Monday, October 24, 2011

Gressini Honda rider Marco Simoncelli, who died of a deadly accident during MotoGP race in Sepang, Malaysia, Sunday (10/23/2011), known as a talented rider in the automotive world all at once flamboyant.

With his cruel hair style, Simoncelli very easily recognizable. Meanwhile, the talent that has made Simoncelli has always received attention from many parties.

Ironically, the Sepang Circuit Simoncelli clinched his world 250 cc class in 2008 became the last circuit used this driver.

Accidents involving Colin Edwards and Valentino Rossi makes Simoncelli crashed on the track. "Supersic" fell and dragged into the path of Tech 3 Yamaha rider Colin Edwards, who was unable to avoid that hit the motorcycle and chief Simoncelli.

It was also a red flag was raised, and Simoncelli evacuated by ambulance to the circuit medical center. Unfortunately, his life can not be saved so that he died at 16:56 o'clock local time.

According to Medical Director MotoGP, Simoncelli severe injuries in some parts of the body so unable to resist. 24-year-old rider suffered a large wound in the head, neck, and chest. The efforts of paramedics to save his life failed.

Simoncelli was born in Cattolica, January 20, 1987. He ended his racing career by moving to domestic Aprilia team in 2002. At that time, he followed the MotoGP championship 125 cc class. Gained his first victory in 2004, after he won the Spanish Grand Prix position.

In 2006, he then climbed into the 250 cc class, and moved to Gilera team. Together this team, Simoncelli won the world title in 2008. Having won 12 victories in the 250 cc class, he then switch to MotoGP. In 2010, Simoncelli defending Honda Gressini.

In May, he was involved with a controversial crash another Honda rider, Dani Pedrosa, as both follow the French GP at Le Mans. As a result of the accident, Pedrosa was forced to undergo surgery due to suffer a broken bone in his shoulder.

Simoncelli was accused of an illegal maneuver. He had often come under fire from fans due to his case with the rider Pedrosa Spain.

The best results which Simoncelli inscribed in the MotoGP class is the second position, while Casey Stoner ensure the champion title at the Australian GP last week. A week after these achievements, Simoncelli also have breathed his last.

Formula 1 racer, Mark Webber, expressed condolences via his Twitter account, "RIP Marco. Special talents will be missed. Thinking about your love and all the MotoGP paddock."

Meanwhile, Moto GP rider, Cal Crutchlow, writing on his Twitter, "RIP Marco Simoncelli. Great rider and people are familiar with everything. My mind along with his family and friends. I will never forget this day."

"We see footage of the scene, I felt sick. Whenever the helmet off, it is a bad sign," said Stoner told the BBC.

Matt Roberts, presenter of the BBC, describing Simoncelli as interesting figure, both within and outside the track. "He is personally very excited," he said.

"He already has fans in large numbers around the world, though often ridiculed because of how aggressive racing. However, he is a remarkable man. Marco did not make himself too seriously, and will be a star next year."

Regardless of the pros and cons with the style of racing, he is a figure that can liven up the race and make hundreds of millions of pairs of eyes in the world staring at him during a race. Included in Sepang Circuit, yesterday, when the Yamaha Factory Team rider Jorge Lorenzo and Ben Spies, absent, MotoGP fans hope he can keep up Honda factory rider.

Apparently, God willing another. Tragically, the accident of death befall "SuperSic", witnessed by her parents, Paolo and Rossella, and his girlfriend, Kate. They watched in horror Simoncelli motor apart. They cry when he knew his son was taken to the medical center.

"I was with her father and all the family can not do anything. All we can do is hug. No one else," said Dani Pedrosa, who had fallen because of the aggressiveness of racing "SuperSic". In a tragedy like this, Dani advanced to the Dailymail, not much to talk about but sympathize for the family and all who loved him.

Simoncelli girlfriend, Kate, looked ashen as he walked toward the garage MotoGP. Meanwhile, the mother, Rossella, and father, Paolo, try to entertain themselves outside the medical center, even though their hearts were troubled. Finally, their hearts broken so got the news, the life of the beloved son can not be saved and was pronounced dead at 16:56 pm Malaysian time.

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