Simoncelli Creating a New Record In MotoGP: Five-falling in the 7 Series First MotoGP

Monday, October 24, 2011

Marco Simoncelli, San Carlo Honda Gresini rider actually did have a good racing skills. However, unfortunately a great racing skill is only made him often ambitious when racing lasted until he forgot himself and fell off the podium failed failed to finish. Skillnya indeed Okay, Okay also the bike Honda RC212V to compete with opponents of Team Manufacturing. Unfortunately nature is not Okay emotional and often makes no luck when racing takes place. Imagine, in the early 7 series 2011 MotoGP race Simoncelli fell as much as five times and of course he failed to podium.

Simoncelli fell and failed to podium racing series starting from 2011 Jerez ago. Though he led the race at that time. Then in Estoril Portugal, again he failed to finish for the second time. Not satisfied with twice the fall in a row, then for the third time Simoncelli fell from Honda only made his fracture after colliding with him at Le Mans series 2011. Pedrosa had to undergo serious treatment after a collision with Simoncelli at Le Mans France ago. Not only that, even Pedrosa must be willing to Absent Series race at Catalunya, Silverstone, and Assen.

After the tragedy of an accident with Pedrosa, Simoncelli had time to get a stern warning from the organizers of MotoGP. Evident when the next racing series MotoGP in Catalunya Spain, Simoncelli started to change their behavior very well. However, unfortunately the mat next race at Silverstone he must be willing to slip because of wet track and to pursue its ambitious Dovi. Simoncelli fell Catalunya circuit around the corner first, which is around the corner before Lorenzo had fallen first. Basic does not frizzy riders learn from past experiences.

Simoncelli was again not satisfied to fall and kiss the asphalt race track. This time he had fallen again and then brushed with Lorenzo's first MotoGP race wiped Dutch Assen. Whereas before he showed his toughness by taking Pole Position Assen MotoGP practice session and also when Bebasa on Thursday last. Two Spanish riders have the misfortune to fall Simoncelli Pedrosa and Lorenzo. Unfortunately for Lorenzo, because he had to catch Stoner Terhadang because the incidence of accidents with Simoncelli. Lorenzo and Simoncelli lucky can still continue the race. So even had record five times in the fall Simoncelli MotoGP racing series beginning in 2011.

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