Photo Simoncelli Dead Accident

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Recent photos of the accident that killed him Marco Simoncelli Dead in the Sepang Circuit was released by the Associated Press on Sunday evening. In the photo, it is clear how the tragic last moments Simoncelli, and this for you view and watch Simoncelli Dead Video.
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Motor number 58 which he was driving nudging U.S. motor racer, Colin Edwards. Unfortunately, after the motor grazed Edwards, Simoncelli it slipped from the saddle the bike. The position of his body that had fallen right in front of the wheel motors Edwards and Valentino Rossi, who happened to be on the inside track. It is clear how the front wheel ran over Simoncelli and Rossi also rear wheel ran over that poor drivers. Simoncelli helmet also released due to collisions. While at the fast moving motor. According to the Medical Centre Sepang, Simoncelli died from wounds in the chest, head and neck. View Simoncelli Dead Video

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