Stoner Can't Wait For Next Season on 1.000cc Bike

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

MotoGP world championship 2011 season, Casey Stoner, on Wednesday (19.10.2011), said he could not wait to compete with a 1,000 cc motorcycle next season. With the power and capacity of larger engines, the king's 800 cc class feel more comfortable, and the race would be more fun.

With a 800 cc engine, Stoner has won 32 wins or 11 wins more than Valentino Rossi. Although dominated the 800 cc class, Stoner admitted he was more like a race with a 1,000 cc motorcycle

"I do not understand why the first-derived engine capacity of 1,000 cc (actually 990 cc) in 2006 to 800 cc in 2007. With a larger engine capacity, speed will increase and the bike race will be more interesting to watch," said Stoner, who became the first world champion in 2007 with a 800 cc engine.

Stoner, who had tried 1,000 cc motorcycle made ​​by Honda for the 2012 season said the bike was much better than the 800 cc motorcycle that he uses now. "I and the entire crew will be easier to find the right machine settings for next season. We are more quickly understand the 1,000 cc engine," said Stoner, who brought the head of the crew and several mechanics when moving from Ducati to Honda.

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