Finger Surgery Was Succesfull for Lorenzo

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Doctors in Melbourne, Australia, managed to perform surgery, to heal injury in the left ring finger Yamaha Team rider Jorge Lorenzo, on Tuesday (18/10/2011).

Lorenzo fell off his motorcycle, while exercising in the morning before attending the Australian MotoGP series on Sunday (16/10/2011) then. The accident made ​​a finger on his left hand injury.

Lorenzo broken finger tips, when dropped on the bend to the 12th at Phillip Island Circuit. This injury interrupted Lorenzo hopes to beat the host rider Casey Stoner in the cage.

Some local media reports, the surgeon managed to reconnect the finger Lorenzo. Doctors estimate there is no permanent damage to the nerves and muscles in the finger.

Although the operation is successful, Lorenzo certainly can not follow the Malaysian MotoGP series this weekend. However, Lorenzo may still be able to follow the last series MotoGP in Valencia, Spain, next month.

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