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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Paulo Simoncelli said her son, Marco Simoncelli had complained of feeling tired before the MotoGP race in Malaysia. Marco told her: "I'm tired, I'm going home".

As reported previously, the incidence of death befall Simoncelli in the Sepang Circuit. As a result, the lives of Repsol Honda's float. Yesterday, the bodies Simoncelli arrived in Rome Italy. The plan, his remains will be interred today.

"Tomorrow afternoon, after the end of the funeral, we will feel alone. It would be very bad indeed. But now, I have you and all people will visit us. It will make us happy," said Paulo.

Paulo tried to explain the nature of his son Marco. According Simoncelli Sr., his son has a very special nature, kind and honest. He also tried taking the time to meet with reporters after every race.

"Marco has always tried to set up time for reporters, even though many people would bother him when he was eating. In fact, Marco was going to scold me when I complain. As it was her figure," continued Paulo.

"Marco never judged poorly, he is judged for what he did and the way Marco did. I love him, and he loves me. Marco was remarkable. It is unfortunate once," he recalls.

"In fact, last Sunday (before the crash-ed) he told me 'I'm tired, I want to go home. The reason is, we've been preparing for the race in Malaysia from far-distant day," explained Paulo reported by Autosport, Wednesday (26 / 10/2011).

"The preparation is complete. Marco says he will do well. But, Marco told me 'I want to go home, fathers'," said the Italian man.

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