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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ducati technical director Filippo Preziosi, had responded to the fuss over the use of carbon fiber is considered as the culprit weaknesses Desmosedici. Implicitly, Preziosi refused to blame about it.

"In 2007, both Melandri and Stoner prefer it (carbon fiber) than the aluminum version. It was designed based on feedback from riders who complain of excessive flex in the previous version. Something that is normal to follow the indications of the fastest rider. "

And Casey Stoner seemed bothered by that statement. After the session Free Practice 2 (FP2) MotoGP Misano, Australian rider who is now joining the Repsol Honda team was responding.

"My relationship with Filippo very well. He does not expect the bike judged by someone as a (motor) hard (drive), they have tried many solutions, but the difficulties they continue to (continue). I know people who worked on the project, and I know what commitment (them) in depth. I expect the results to them soon, and they get a moral boost. I know how many hours Filippo and his team spent working. "Stoner said as quoted by GPone.

Ducati are now experiencing serious problems. GP11 and GP11.1 never competitive even after getting a touch of Valentino Rossi. Frame carbon fiber Ducati considered as the cause of the difficulty of control. But Stoner did not agree with this opinion.

"When we first use of carbon fiber, we already have an aluminum chassis, and it has been tested. Everyone seems to have a very bad opinion about the carbon fiber, but is actually much better than metal. We have been upgrading over the years, we encountered some problems last year, but it is the only season where we really have to fight. And, above all, even in the same season, at the end of the season we have a motor (competitive), it is my belief, has the potential to win every race. In my opinion, not a bad motor. And, somehow, the problem is not the use of carbon fiber, "said Stoner.

Casey was then trying to give an idea of ​​what exactly is being experienced by the Ducati today.

"I do not know. It seems they like to find something positive in Brno, but then it's not the same story in Indianapolis, and it seems they have a problem again here at Misano. If they could understand the reasons why could go up and down, I'm sure they can improve their results. What they need, more than anything, is more self-confidence. "

In addition of championship leadership while also revealing the Ducati currently should be able to give better results and faster. In terms of budget, funds disbursed this year the Italian manufacturer's clearly not comparable to what happened when he was still joined.

"When I was there, we do not have enough budget to try new things. Now they've got four or five different versions of the motor. Try this, try that and produce something else. Basically, we never actually receive the new updates that are sent to us throughout the season. This means that the current Ducati Ducati increased compared with the past, although they still did not seem happy with what they have. "

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