It Would Be A Mistake To Adopt Stoner Style - Rossi

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Valentino Rossi was again occupied by the lack of grip at the front (front-end problem) bike. So often the problem arises, with Rossi suggested jokingly to the media again and simply not launch one of the previous comments.

"I always say the same thing so you can use one of my old interviews," joked Rossi as reported by GPone.

"Here the front end also did not give me the confidence I need, especially when braking. I lost time there. We lost 2 or 3 / 10 on the corner. "

And the problem is complicated when using of hard compound tires.

"Ducati works better with a soft compound, especially compared to Yamaha. This afternoon rear tire hard we try to prepare for the race, but I did not get a grip and very difficult to ride. "

Results achieved in the Free Practice session 2 (FP2) is also recognized as very disappointing. Notes to the 11th fastest time was even produced in one lap alone.

"I was only able to do one fast lap. There are a lot of traffic on the track, and I lost time with us back to the setup of Laguna Seca and Brno, and we will continue in this direction. We will make some small modifications to the second motor. But nothing too serious. We need half a second longer to fight the second rider. "

Confrontation with the style of racing back to the fore after Casey Stoner Ducati technical director Filippo Preziosi, could convey the controversial comments by stating his desire to invite Stoner go try GP12 so he knows how hard the motor is controlled.

"Casey is less pressing style front end and his size allows for different sitting positions. For me trying to ride as he would be a mistake, but it is useful to try and reduce stress on the tires. "

Limited time to test is also referred to as one of the factors that slow the development of the Ducati today.

"This is incredible, testing time has been reduced very much and I know some other manufacturers are also upset about it. We have many things to be tested, but we can not. Do not have a chance to test more often slows our work tenfold. "

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