'I'm feeding my sons to death' , says gastric band mother of boys who weigh a total of 840 POUNDS

Thursday, September 22, 2011

By Daily Mail Reporter

An obese mum whose life was saved by a gastric bypass told yesterday how she is slowly killing her sons - by feeding them up to a combined weight of 800 lbs.

Cynthia Williams has raised sons Joseph, 26, and Mathew, 18, on a diet of doughnuts, fried chicken and pizza and they once weighed a combined total of 1,200lbs.

But when the 5ft 2ins mum came close to death from high blood pressure and diabetes she underwent gastric surgery and shed seven stone in a year.

Overweight: L-R Joseph, Cynthia and Matthew A chubby mum admitted she's sending her supersize sons to an early grave through her addiction to feeding them

But she couldn't kick the addiction of 'comfort feeding' her sons - and they now weigh 30 stones each.

She refuses to listen to doctors' warnings that Joseph and Mathew will die - because greasy grub is only thing that makes them happy.

The 48-year-old said: 'I know it's my fault they're fat, and that the fatty food is killing them, but I can't stop. I'm feeding my boys to death.

'As my weight plummeted and theirs soared I felt awful.

'I tried to buy healthy food for all of us. I wanted the boys to lose weight like I had, only naturally.

'But it's hard for them being at home all the time.

They are too overweight to work, exercise or socialise. The only thing I can offer them to make them happy is more food.'

At her peak 5ft 2 Cynthia weighed a belt-popping 24 stone and suffered from high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol.

Dangerously ill, doctors offered her a lifeline in 2009 - with the portly mum undergoing a gastric bypass to shed seven stone in the space of a year.

Size: The pair now weigh close to 30 stone each and despite their precarious condition she admits she can't stop feeding them

Ill: She refuses to listen to doctors' warnings that Joseph and Mathew will die because she knows that greasy grub is the only thing that puts a smile on their fat faces

For breakfast she gives the boys six large cream filled doughnuts with chocolate milk, followed by piles of fried chicken and pasta for lunch.

She would later fill their ten-inch dinner plates with hamburgers and fries.

Amazingly, the family would snack between meals on chips, pizza, cookies, sweets while washing it down with litres of fizzy pop.

The three of them weighed a total of 84 stone at one stage thanks to their non-stop eating with the boys too heavy to work, exercise or socialise.

Cynthia said: 'I was married for nine years and it wasn't a happy marriage.

'I felt bad for the boys growing up in such an upsetting environment so when I left my husband I was determined to give them everything they wanted to make them happy.

'So I allowed them to have sweet treats and regularly took them on trips to McDonald's.

'But despite making them happy in the short term they piled on weight which actually ended up making them miserable.

Feeding: The three of them weighed a total of 84 stone at one stage thanks to their non-stop eating with the boys too heavy to work, exercise or socialise

'Mathew was bullied so badly at school he dropped out and Joseph was too fat to get a job.

'We were depressed and morbidly obese - and the only thing that cheered us up was more food.'

But her kids were not entitled to the same financial help and Cynthia couldn't afford to help them on her minimal salary.

She said: 'The boys never blamed me and they even told me they were really pleased for me that I had been saved. But Two months ago Cynthia was told Mathew would die unless he lost weight.

She said: 'I knew his health was bad but it was still a shock, and it was clear Joseph was in no better state.

'In contrast, my health has improved dramatically.

'I no longer suffer with diabetes or high blood pressure and I'm much more mobile.

'But despite this, the guilt of what I've done consumes me. I comfort eat and my weight has plateaued at 17 stone.'

Mathew said: 'I don't blame my mum, and I'm really glad she has lost a lot of weight, but I hate being so fat. I just can't stop eating, even though it's killing me.'

Joseph added: 'I have a lot to offer and I want to work, but weighing nearly 29 stone I have no chance. It is really depressing. Food is the only thing that keeps me going.'


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