Team Order To Help Lorenzo

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Jorge Lorenzo opportunity to defend his world MotoGP champion increasingly difficult, after he failed to beat Casey Stoner in Aragon GP last weekend. In a bout at the Aragon Motorland Circuit, Stoner appear very dominant so easily win, while Lorenzo had to be painstakingly to be number three on the podium.

As a result, Lorenzo is now behind 44 points from Stoner, in the hunt for the world title season of 2011. With only five more series left, Lorenzo had no choice but to sweep clean all the remaining races, Stoner hoping to reap bad results.

Well, to realize these targets, it needs extra effort from Yamaha. Therefore, the Japanese team is ready to provide maximum assistance to Lorenzo, including doing the controversy, the team orders. That is, his teammate Lorenzo, Ben Spies, must be willing to "sacrifice" for the Spanish rider opportunities.

Yamaha boss Lin Jarvis, told MCN: "There are still some races to be acted, and it's not like we were six points adrift with just two races left. We need to see how the season is presented, and I hope the last two races this year , mathematically we can still fight for the world title hunt, and then can see what we need to do now.

"Ben and Jorge are teammates, so I think we have very good relations between the two riders on this year, unlike in the past. Two of these riders do not fight each other in competition, and harmony that we have can be a advantage.

"What is important is that the team wins, and we give maximum effort every rider. If one rider is mathematically no chance of winning the competition, while others still can, I think that's the only reason why they should help."

Team orders are frequently used in Formula One. However, it is a very controversial issue, because the fans would be angry, because the race results manipulated.

But Jarvis adds: "Recently we have seen the situation in Formula One, where they have canceled the ban on team orders, which personally I agree. In my opinion, every team should have the right to decide on a suitable strategy, and I do not think it's a public authority to decide what strategy and do a factory team. "

If Yamaha finally realize his intentions really are, whether Spies will agree? Because the rider is never revealed his opinion of Texas about team orders, which he did not agree.

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