Ducati Motor Doesn't Fit With Our Rider - Preziosi

Saturday, September 3, 2011

MotoGP race will be held at the Misano circuit in San Marino. Although the territorial state is not Italian, but the location of the circuit is only 15 km from Tavullia, house Valentino Rossi. Fans and family will cornucopia there. Could they will get something satisfying this time?

"Do not expect miracles any time soon. We have several projects under construction, some for other short-term and long term. Anything that might be tested will be tested on the track, but not the solution chassis for 2012, "said Ducati's technical director Fillipo Preziosi as reported by GPone.

When pressed a matter of choice chassis, Preziosi only responded with a joke.

"You know somehow we never tell the truth," he joked.

"This year we start over from scratch and questioning every part of the motor, because we did not match motor racing style riders Valentino Rossi and the rest of us."

"We changed our chassis rigidity, making it more flexible. Almost everyone said it better, but Abraham and Barbera, who continue to use rigid version. Each racer has their own preferences, but we're building a motor that can make everyone more quickly. "

Choice questions using a carbon fiber chassis, Ducati engineers also have their own views.

"In 2007, both Melandri and Stoner prefer it (carbon fiber) than the aluminum version. It was designed based on feedback from riders who complain of excessive flex in the previous version. Something that is normal to follow the indications of the fastest rider. "

And what about the current development with the feedback from The Doctor?

"So far all the modifications we have tried have been well received by Valentino and Nicky, and indeed they use it in races, but unfortunately it was not enough to close the gap with our rivals. Very beneficial for us if there are days that test more, but I do not think our competitors would allow it, especially since they knew Valentino. Our main problem is not the amount of testing time, but to interpret all the data and take appropriate action. "

Interpret all the data and take appropriate action, it seems that the main task of the Ducati. As much and as detailed as any data provided by Valentino Rossi (and other riders) will not be something useful if the engineers have not been able to interpret and take appropriate action.

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