Rossi Comment on Aragon Race

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Valentino Rossi believes, tire wear became a major issue that made him slumped in Aragon GP Sunday (09.18.11). Nevertheless, "The Doctor" recognizes that without any problem that the rubber tires, he reached for the achievement of a more difficult again in the race, where he finished in the top 10.

On the 14th series in this circuit Motorland Aragon, Rossi started from the pitlane, following a penalty 10 seconds from use because of switching to the seventh machine aluminum chassis for the Desmosedici GP11.1--in a single season, riders are only allowed to use a maximum of six machines. But in the early laps, seven times world champion MotoGP will be competitive this signaling, because he was able to pass some riders.

On lap seven, Rossi was slowly pushed forward and is at number nine. The Italian rider was apparently still able to compete for the top six.

Rather than be in a better position again, Rossi actually slowed down so that he can be defeated Tech 3 Yamaha rider, Cal Crutchlow. Nine-time world champion grand prix was finally finished in position 10, the same as what he achieved in Indianapolis GP (the worst result in the hardest season).

"This is a very tough race - we hope to have a slightly better pace," said Rossi.

"I lost a lot of speed in the final eight laps, as I have many problems with the rear tire.

"Maybe there is something wrong with the tires, and tire was completely destroyed in the end. I have to slow down because the vibrations are very fast, and it's very difficult to ride a motorcycle. With vibration tire like this, you can not fast as expected or desired . "

Rossi felt, the introduction of the aluminum chassis is already a small improvement for Ducati's behavior, although this issue is covered tires. Only, it is still far from the expectation of a miracle.

"It's not too bad," he said of the motor performance. "However, the rear grip of the issue at the weekend.

"It was a great race with the tires. Since the second lap, I've experienced it (the tire to shift), although this problem never occurs during exercise. So, maybe the tires are not fantastic. In addition, at the end of the race, the tire is completely destroyed - I've never seen anything like this.

"But that's another thing. I'm not saying that with good tires I could finish the race on the podium."

Since the beginning of the season, Rossi had difficulty to overcome the problems faced by Ducati. After making the breakthrough with the Desmosedici GP11.1, now ex-rider Honda and Yamaha decided to browed to the chassis of aluminum. Rossi's best achievement was finishing in the top three at Le Mans, France.

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