Soccer News - Adebayor: Redknapp is Like Mourinho

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Mourinho convinced Adebayor to move to White Hart Lane.

Wednesday, Tottenham Hotspur striker, Emmanuel Adebayor said his manager Harry Redknapp is now similar to the former coach at Real Madrid, Jose Mourinho. Why?

In terms of age, of Redknapp (64 years) and Mourinho (48 years) of course is much different. But, for the approach to the players, maybe two this figure had nearly the same manner.

"I would say if Harry is similar to Mourinho. More because of their approach that can raise the confidence of the players," Adebayor said to Tribalfootball. "That's what I get from Mourinho in Madrid."

Adebayor had borrowed Madrid from Manchester City for half of last season on the recommendation of Mourinho. Apparently Mourinho also convince Adebayor to move to White Hart Lane on loan last month.

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