Sport News - Pacman Almost End Margarito Career

Friday, September 23, 2011

Antonio Margarito was defeated absolute numbers when he met Manny Pacquiao last November.

Antonio Margarito's career almost ended up in the hands of Manny 'Pacman' Pacquiao when the two met Nov. 13. In the duel, declared Margarito lost the absolute number of boxer from the Philippines.

Fight at Cowboys Stadium Arlington, Texas, Margarito became an easy target of Pacquiao's punches. Since the third round, the boxer from Tijuana, Mexico has seen the difficulty to balance the appearance of Pacquiao.

In fact, since the 4th round Margarito's face looked swollen due to a barrage of punches thrown since the early rounds. Consequently, in subsequent rounds Pacman continued to hit Margarito's face.

As reported by Yahoo, Margarito was initially not too concerned with their injuries. For him, bruise on the eye caused by Pacquiao's punches and just plain wound will heal in time not too long.

However, when checked by a doctor, Margarito realized that she had suffered swelling is not usual injury. In fact, according to doctors, the boxer 33 years had suffered a fractured orbital bone could potentially end his career.

"I never thought that the injury was potentially an end to my career, until the hospital advised me to undergo surgery," said Margarito.

"At that time, everything started to sink and all thinking about the end of my career," he continued.

Luckily, his worries were unfounded. For, Margarito re scheduled to play Dec. 3 2011. In the duel, Margarito Miguel Cotto will meet in a rematch party at Madison Square Garden. (art) mu Manny Pacquiao last November.

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