Rossi Refuse Checa Challenges in WBSK

Monday, September 12, 2011

Valentino Rossi declined the offer to perform at World Superbikes at the end of this year for Ducati, although he got a wildcard. "The Doctor" said that he still was the focus of this face of the MotoGP season.

Nine-time world champion grand prix is ​​challenged by the leader of the standings WSB, Carlos Checa, to a duel in Imola which will take place on 25 September, the week between GP Motorland Aragon and Twin Ring Motegi. Checa gave the invitation, knowing that Rossi will be "available".

But Rossi, who is fighting hard to improve the performance Ducati thus more competitive in the rest of the MotoGP 2011 season, said he could not fulfill the invitation of the Spanish rider. Although he had never confirmed his desire to compete in World Superbike someday, but Rossi said that it (appears in Superbike) must be outside the MotoGP schedule.

Previously, Rossi had also received "wild card" for the series against Troy Bayliss in Qatar, with Yamaha, in 2009. However, Japanese manufacturers refused his request to ride a motorcycle factory R1.

Rossi said: "This is a good idea, and I like. But it was always difficult for the calendar. First, I almost always appear in WSB racing, especially in 2009. There is a race in Qatar, but Yamaha have told me they have a new R1 , so they do not have much money and they are not sure.

"I want to do it, but I'm more happy if outside the calendar. During the hectic schedule. So, why not in the future, and because maybe we could be more fun than here."

Rossi also rejected the idea of ​​implementation of the WSB and MotoGP at different times, as has been discussed previously.

WSB plans to campaign during the winter, and the MotoGP during the summer, has been debated. But Rossi said: "I've heard this idea from two years ago, but maybe it has some good points and bad. It may be more difficult for WSB if it takes place in winter, in finding the right place to race. I want to try take one race, but if the WSB in the winter, then I do not go two championships. That's too much. "

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