Ducati Need Radical Change

Monday, September 12, 2011

Jerry Burgess, could not bear to face the problems faced by Ducati. Therefore, the man from Australia confirms that it is time they make a radical change, so the Desmosedici can be more competitive again in the arena of MotoGP.

Indeed, since the beginning of the 2011 season Rossi was unable to demonstrate the performance as expected. In fact, the presence of "The Doctor" has been providing high expectations regarding the achievement of the team is based in Bologna.

In fact, Rossi and Ducati GP11.1 mount did not move to face rivals from Honda and Yamaha. Last weekend at Misano, Rossi briefly appeared promising at the start of the race, but he only finished seventh. Sadly, seven times MotoGP world champion was 23 seconds adrift of race winner Jorge Lorenzo.

Well, that was not a prolonged slump, it needs a radical change. Burgess who threw it, because according to him, the only way to improve the performance potential of Ducati is to try a new section, as well as Rossi's crew must venture out of the setting options, in order to try and improve speed.

Since making his debut with Ducati in Valencia 10 months ago, Rossi has been complaining about the performance of these new mounts. Nine-time grand prix champion, said he did not feel comfortable with front-end, and difficulty controlling the motor.

At this weekend at Mugello, Rossi will test the framework aluminum. According to Burgess, this was done because the Ducati mechanics have no other choice to adopt a different technical approach, so they can see whether it can improve the performance of the Desmosedici, which has been put on a rigid carbon skeleton.

"We need more aid, and some ideas are different. Everybody is aware that questions of taste are not available to drivers to be fixed, and we need to do that with whatever method they decide," said Burgess told MCN.

"We've done what all we can on the track, and until we get something to do, we will really struggle to move forward. Valentino will try hard to fight with whatever he had, and he could always say it must be improved.

"We need to make some bigger steps to improve the Ducati. We have to move this bike in all its shapes and positions, such as when another rider on a Ducati. When we look at the settings used Casey (Stoner), we can put it as well. But that to the point where you do not do it anymore. "

Ducati technical guru Filippo Preziosi, confirmed that the main targets in the future is to provide a motor that had a consistent speed to Valentino Rossi and Nicky Hayden. Therefore, these factors (consistency) the constraints of this team.

Ducati to test an aluminum frame for the Ducati GP12 1,000 cc engine that will be used in the 2012 season. Rossi will evaluate the results of such tests, so that it can provide feedback that can be equipped to improve the performance of the Ducati, so it was left far from their rivals, Honda and Yamaha.

Nevertheless, Prezioso said that the focus of development for the future is that the motor speed is more consistent in recording the best time in every lap.

"When the warm-up in Indy, Nicky record the time only 0.3 seconds adrift of the first, and it became a good signal because it means the motor can do that. But the problem is, it only lasts one round only, because the other round her more slow 1.2 seconds. That means we must work to give something to our riders, allowing them to drive motors up to the limit, on every lap.

"If the limit of 100 percent, then you should be at 99.9 because if you are at 99, then you are one percent lower and that is one second. So we had to build something that allows rider to race consistently and safely, closer with a limit. Perhaps the main problem of our motors are not the limit, but it gives proper feedback to the rider. "

Since the beginning of this 2011 season, Rossi had once entered the top three, when finished three French GP. After that, seven times MotoGP world champion is always collapsed and unable to compete with Honda and Yamaha. No wonder the 32-year-old rider was pessimistic about the bike can change drastically.

Rossi will test the aluminum frame at Mugello this week to try to solve some front-end problems that continue to haunt her during this season. However, there will be no miracles when it appeared on the series 14th in Motorland Aragon, 18 September.

Rossi said, "I do not think it was possible. Stoner came in Aragon and made many changes during the season. Many people say to me, this bike won three of the last six races, but for me, I say that this bike won three of 18 races last year. "

"Since then, Stoner modify setting, and he rode like a roadrunner, and grab some good results performance. It's not a criticism to Casey because now I can not do as he does. In Aragon, hopefully we can stay close to the rider in front. Last year, Nicky (Hayden) is very fast, but it will be difficult. "

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