Who Will Shoot Stoner ?

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Racing at night, win; Racing during hot weather, champion; Racing in a mixture of dry and wet conditions, not being overtaken; Racing amid torrential rain, unparalleled. That how to describe Casey Stoner at the beginning of this 2011 season.

Throughout the 2007 season until the middle of the 2008 season, Stoner also appear to dominate with Ducati. Valentino Rossi who was still with Yamaha rider to admit how difficult facing the Australian. Until the U.S. Grand Prix at Laguna Seca circuit, Rossi joked that the way to beat Stoner is the start 30 seconds earlier, or ... "Shoot him!"

The Doctor finally was 'shot' at Casey's race lasted through maneuvers that had received criticism from Stoner. Recognized or not, since then Stoner started down mentally. He often had an accident and finally tails on his physical condition is impaired. Until the 2010 season, last-season with Ducati, Stoner could no longer win the title of world champion.

In 2011 with Honda's Casey Stoner began to show signs of dominance again. GP500 legend Mick Doohan who also came from Australia and had visited the paddock at Silverstone Stoner openly dared to predict Stoner will be much easier to win with Honda.

World champion five times in a row GP500 was assumed that European production motorcycle is much more difficult to control than with the production of Japanese motorcycles. If Ducati Stoner had to fight for victory (and successful) then it will be much easier to do on the RC212V.

The question then: Who would be able to 'shoot' Stoner?

If the year 2008, Rossi was able to do so, what may make for this season could not seem much hope given the various problems that still face with Ducati.

Riders who have the greatest chance Stoner offset is actually his teammate, Dani Pedrosa. Unfortunately the Spaniard is still injured. Furthermore, it should be recognized in the affairs of the fight at close range, Pedrosa is still under Stoner. Hopefully later on his return after recovering, Pedrosa will appear with the spirit of nothing to lose, instead of performing what it is because it had no reason to lose.

Besides Pedrosa, Honda's other rider who could potentially block the Stoner who else if not Simoncelli. Affairs fight, Super Sic is not asked, scored the fastest lap affair was no doubt. The problem up to Silverstone series, the frizzy apparently still subject to 'curse' to not be on the podium.

While Andrea Dovizioso, another rider who rode the Honda RC212V with the same spec as a mount Stoner is also worthy of 'watch out'. Although no talent scored the best time during the single lap, but Dovi able to show himself to be among the leading rider. Dovizioso affairs of any true fight is not less 'violent' from Simoncelli.

From the outside the Honda, we should wait for the action after Jorge Lorenzo is now no longer a leader points. If previously he chose to play safe, start the next series of tactics Assen was no longer relevant. With a difference of 18 points, won the next three series were not enough for Lorenzo to return to take over the leadership points, if Stoner has always managed to finish as runners-up.

In terms of scoring the fastest time, Yamaha YZR-M1 is not able to compete Honda RC212V, but the affairs of the consistency of each lap time records, X-Fuera still an expert. This should be a capital of the Spanish rider Casey was to block the rate, if you want to go back world champion is on his arms.

The new season begins, there are still 12 more series to come. Will there be a rider who is able to 'shoot'? Or Stoner will be rampant as seniors (Mick Doohan) days of his prime with the HRC?

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