Rossi Aware of Simoncelli

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Valentino Rossi is confident, Italian compatriot Marco Simoncelli, would fulfill his dream to be on the podium MotoGP this season. However, added "The Doctor", the Honda Gresini rider should be able to end the series of mistakes that have been done so far.

Indeed, Simoncelli including one of a phenomenal rider and are favorites since the beginning of the 2011 season. However, from the six series that have acted, the spiky 25-year-old has never been on the podium because he deals more with the accident, which made him fail to finish. In fact, "Super Sic" has tremendous potential to compete with the Repsol Honda duo, Casey Stoner and Dani Pedrosa and Yamaha rider Jorge Lorenzo.

However, all hope it becomes useless because Simoncelli still often careless. As a result, the three series in which he was very competitive and potentially on the podium should end up with disappointment because of failing to finish the race, including when wet race at Jerez and Silverstone. In fact, in two series, have a tremendous opportunity Simoncelli on the podium.

Another incident is the result of carelessness at Le Mans, France. In the fourth series race, Simoncelli appear too aggressive, so he overtook Pedrosa from the outside, when they were fighting for second place. The results of the investigation said, Simoncelli illegal maneuver, which makes Pedrosa crashed and broke a collarbone injury. Consequently, former 250cc world champion gets a penalty and had to settle for finishing in fifth.

Seeing how the performance Simoncelli, Rossi is confident that his compatriot had great potential to realize the dream of the podium. To the MCN, Ducati rider said: "Marco has always been very fast, but he made many mistakes so he needs to understand and think about what happened during crucial moments."

"But, this moment will come soon because he is very fast. This is just the second season in MotoGP, but he needs to understand the problem and working to make improvements. But it must be recognized, Marco is very fast," added the seven-times MotoGP world champion.

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