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Monday, June 20, 2011

The two mobile apps for the DucatiCommunity.com site are available now for free download. These new apps enable Ducati Community members to post directly to the site from their garage, a MotoGP race, or a Sunday morning ride using their iPhone and Android enabled devices.
“Mobile applications were a key component of the Ducati Community strategy from day one,” said Arrick Maurice, leader of the Ducati Community project. “Now that they are available, community members can unlock the true potential of the site.”

Following the launch of the new Ducati Community website back in April, designed with the intent to connect Ducati enthusiasts from all over the world, Ducati today announced the availability of a related iPhone and Android apps for the social networking site. The Ducati Community Apps are available for iPhone at the iTunes store, and Android at the Android Marketplace. The company has thus enabled users to post their Ducati experiences via text, photo and video in real time on the website. The webite has been first made available for North America, completing the link between Ducati, its dealers, the Desmo Owners Clubs (DOC) and Ducati fans – all of which were previously separated by geographical boundaries. Ducatisti are thus enabled to share photos, videos, text and more, and is also capable of being synced with Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. It follows a blog-type format for user friendliness. The addition of iPhone and Android applications in the coming weeks will allow for real time updates from the road, the dealership, a MotoGP race or any other location.

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