Desmosedici GP12 Better - Rossi

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Valentino Rossi was convinced Ducati MotoGP season will be competitive on the 2012 using the 1000 cc engine. "The Doctor" disclose it after completing the test the Desmosedici GP12 in a private session at Mugello on Wednesday (15/06/2011).

A day earlier, his teammate Rossi, Nicky Hayden, who runs the task (trials). Afterwards, Rossi's turn to ride the GP12, which is less than a month ago been tried at the Italian circuit.

Apparently, the development of new motor was satisfactory Rossi, who devoured 80 laps. Although its rivals, Honda and Yamaha, which certainly has not lost productivity, seven-time MotoGP world champion is feeling the packet given to his already quite promising.

"It becomes a positive test," said Rossi. "We did some things to try, including a new step in the framework, which I like. In general, it feels good. I've been happy with his machine, when the first try, and now we are also making progress again. Nevertheless, we must look again when the other team also tried their 2012 motorcycles. But so far, we feel comfortable; our bike is good.

"Riding in Mugello is always fun. The other thing is the most fun while testing conditions were perfect, so our work can be good, because I was trying 80 laps. I enjoyed my chance to ride this bike.

"The new addition to the circuit is also fun; main grandstand is good, and of course I hope to see Mugello is always filled when there are race fans."

Ducati boss, Filippo Preziosi, acknowledge that they provide nothing new to Rossi in the trial this time.

"For this test, we brought a renewed framework for Valentino that he tried it," says Preziosi. "Together with some other interesting things, and I am pleased to report that we received positive feedback. Time note was good time compared to the last test, while providing additional confirmation that our work in the right direction.

"Many thanks to Valentino and Nicky as well as to everyone in the team and Ducati, where they are very committed and continue to work hard."

Ducati continues to develop motors for the 2012 season and they made a step more advanced than the two rivals which is the factory teams, Honda and Yamaha, because it was three times the experimenting. So far, only Honda is one of the factory team, which tests the model of 1000 cc engine. Yamaha is expected in the near future to do the same, while the Suzuki is still a question mark, whether they join the competition next season or not.

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