Suzuki Will Rise (?)

Friday, September 2, 2011

Alvaro Bautista, certain achievements in the Indianapolis Grand Prix could be a moment of awakening for the Suzuki team. Bautista won the best results in the 2011 season by finishing in sixth.

Earlier, Spaniard's almost got a similar result at Laguna Seca and Brno Circuit, but it fell off while driving. Bautista was confident his team will be inspired to seize the good results in the remaining races for this season.

"It's important to reach the finish line after I fell in the two previous series. This result is important for me and the team. We are in the best position to move forward," said Bautista, Sunday (28/08/2011) at Indianapolis.

Bautista did not only perform excellent in practice and qualifying, but also won many points for finishing in sixth.

"After showing great potential at Laguna Seca and Brno but failed to score points, it is very encouraging to see Bautista crossed the finish line today," said Denning, Sunday (28/08/2011) at Indianapolis.

Denning said, finishing in sixth position are eligible for Bautista and all members of the Suzuki team. Moreover, Bautista was able to overtake some riders who have a rank on it to achieve that outcome.

"We just lost to the Repsol Honda and Yamaha teams. Both teams will continue to dominate the race until the end of the 2011 season," said Denning.

According to Bautista, the sixth position is the best result that can be achieved in Indianapolis because he has a maximum effort. Bautista confident he and the team will look more competitive Suzuki at Misano on the upcoming series.

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