Clutch Issues on Ducati Bike

Friday, September 2, 2011

Valentino Rossi said, the problem of gear gives extra burden to him during the race. Rossi eventually finished only tenth.

"A number of problems that occur throughout the weekend to make the race difficult. Accident during qualifying has lowered my confidence and made ​​me start at the rear position. When race, there was also the problem of gear," said Rossi, Sunday (28/08/2011), in Indianapolis.

According to Rossi, his motorcycle stuck in neutral gear position six or seven times during the race. The first two cases to make Rossi lost time and slipped to the bottom. However, seven times world champion was still decided to keep fighting and eventually got a few points after the finish.

Ducati team manager, Vittoriano Guareschi, urged his team to repair itself after the disaster at the Indianapolis Grand Prix on Sunday (28/08/2011). In Indianapolis, only rider Valentino Rossi, who earn points after finishing in tenth order.

Meanwhile, Nicky Hayden became the last rider to finish in order to enter the 14th. Hayden dropped because they have to go to the pits to change tires because he became the only rider who uses soft tires.

"After positive results in the Czech MotoGP series, we hope to find a good rhythm in Indianapolis. However, we do not get it. We knew we had to improve ourselves and nobody in the Ducati team will retreat from this goal," said Guareschi.

Guareschi said the race in Indianapolis is very challenging for the team and two pebalapnya. They've tried hard, but can only bring home some points.

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