Lorenzo Fade Away from The Championship

Friday, September 2, 2011

Yamaha Team rider Jorge Lorenzo, MotoGP world champion for 2011 more difficult to realize. Lorenzo could only finish in fourth place and its largest rival, Casey Stoner, actually won the Indianapolis Grand Prix.

"Very embarrassing, I think I can reduce the difference in points from Stoner in Indianapolis, but the opposite happened. I experienced many problems with the asphalt and the front tire. I saw three leading riders have no problem with their tires," said Lorenzo, Sunday (28 / 8 / 2011), in Indianapolis.

Difference in points between Stoner and Lorenzo are now widened to 44 points. With the appearance of Stoner, who is always excellent and the remaining six series this season, Lorenzo would be difficult to realize his hopes to be world champion.

"I'm very disappointed with this defeat. Many riders had trouble with the front tire and the asphalt so the speeds are low, such as Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli. However, there are several other riders who do not have any problem. This condition is difficult to understand. Hopefully in the series The next condition is better, "said Lorenzo.

Traction the front tires to be the main factor that makes Lorenzo performed poorly for 28 laps. In fact, early in the race he had fought for the podium fight number one, because it was beating Stoner and Dani Pedrosa to compete with.

What power, Lorenzo must accept the bitter truth. Starting mid-race, the bike's performance goes down, so he was not only far behind Stoner and Pedrosa, but instead dilibas Yamaha teammate, Ben Spies, who ultimately entitled to occupy the top three.

With three consecutive wins from a total of seven victories during the 2011 season, Stoner was getting closer to world title. Regarding this fact, Lorenzo said: "I am very disappointed. We see so many riders are experiencing problems this week with the front tire. (Marco) Simoncelli should decrease the speed, more than that we experienced, and Valentino (Rossi) can never be fast .

"Many of the riders face the problems and the others got a good taste on the front and not confront the question of the track conditions. It is difficult to understand, but it turned out like this. Hopefully in the next tracks are different, because the asphalt was different."

Lorenzo added that he had hoped the change in setting the bike will help solve the problems faced. Unfortunately, it did not fit the scenario.

"We hope to solve the problems concerning waves on the track, but I do not have traction. When I was warming up, I get a lot of traction than qualifications, so I am very optimistic that we've solved this problem. But problems began to appear on the seventh lap and I do not can do anything.

"It's a shame; I think could cut the gap with Casey at Indy, but since the first workout I've got a lot of problems regarding the asphalt and the front wheels. I saw three other riders in front, and the tires they are perfect.

"I do not know if it's because the track and not just speak my mind. Now, the competition became more complicated."

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