Rossi - Ducati Switch to Almunium Frame

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Valentino Rossi and Ducati technical boss, Filippo Preziosi, giving a strong indication that would make drastic changes to the chassis of the motor Desmosedici. Based on a series of test results, the two most influential people this is going to switch the motor chassis team based in Bologna to the conventional aluminum framework for future projects.

Since the first time in 2011 riding the Desmosedici at Valencia in November last year, Rossi had complained about the lack of feeling in the front-end and the difficulty of controlling a motor that "wild" (understeer) it.

With more complaints of "The Doctor", there is speculation Ducati consider replacing the rigid carbon fiber frame, which is now being used, with aluminum frame. That is, the framework of the (aluminum) will be identical to what is already being used throughout the Japanese motorcycle manufacturers.

Rossi has repeatedly denied he was making a special request to Preziosi that Ducati develop aluminum chassis and at least do a test run. But a former rider of Honda and Yamaha are then gave a strong indication that a new direction has been recommended in Brno last weekend.

32-year-old rider said: "We talked a lot to try and fix this bike, and I realized that the Ducati they've worked hard, but I do not know exactly about the aluminum frame or other solutions. For me, one way is to work smarter with two different ideas.

"You can try to make some small difference to improve performance, but for me, it would be smarter if they concentrate on something different, maybe in the future."

This argument is supported Rossi crew boss, Jerry Burgess. In an exclusive interview with MCN in late July, the person most instrumental in the achievement Rossi to embrace the seven MotoGP world title, said that there needs to be some parallel projects to make judgments.

"It's easy to say that there is something more conventional. Not all companies are racing to do what other companies do, and this is the decision made at a much higher level than where I was standing in a group of Ducati.

"As a group, if we are serious about racing is supposed to do, then something must have changed, and we need more versions of what is, so that could be lowered on the track. We need more testing and then can be seen where we are.

"Ideally, in a company with huge resources, you should run two parallel projects, or in some companies there are three or four, depending on the power possessed. That determines how much you can do and how much difference you can do. "

Regarding the consideration for the switch to aluminum frame after the first day of the test session in Brno, earlier this week, Preziosi said: "We have an open mind. We are ready to use what is believed to be better.

"We're exploring different solutions and I do not think that the material is the main thing, but a definite shape, stiffness and rigidity to the length distribution is something we want to enhance knowledge exploration.

"Every time you do something new on a track that has been compared to existing solutions, then this is nothing special. This is what we do with the frame of the bike at the Barcelona test and ask for Casey (Stoner) compare them."

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