The 4 Top Rider in MotoGP 2011

Friday, August 26, 2011

The dominance of four of the top MotoGP riders namely: Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, Dani Pedrosa and Casey Stoner in the 2011 season may be blur by the increasing performance of Andrea Dovizioso, Ben Spies and Marco Simoncelli. But its seem candidates of world champion is still going to be this four rider attention in MotoGP. Let's find out the advantages and disadvantages for "alien" four rider.

Who will be the winner ?

Valentino Rossi

Most experienced: no one doubt about his experience end of discussion. Rossi has been racing in top class since year of 2000 season and has collected seven world titles premier class.

Have the skill of motor development: The Doctor is one of the few MotoGP rider who has a motor skill development. Increasingly unmatched with the support of a reliable mechanic under the leadership of Jeremy Burgess.

Age above 30 years: Rossi is the third oldest rider who competed in the 2011 season after Loris Capirossi and Colin Edwards. While other rivals on average are still U-25 ages. Plus a condition that has not fully recovered since the crash of the 2010 season.

Great in bend: Why a great bend i put in minus? Yes, with his remarkable late break skills, Rossi was very good at deceiving his opponents in the corners. But it might not be much help when he was riding a Ducati as its well-known hard-turning bike. Unless Rossi and the team could make a GP11 so agile as M1.

Jorge Lorenzo

Already been set-up determines the motor itself: when he first coming to Yamaha, Lorenzo can not freely adapt the technical data of The Doctor. Apart from the differences in tire supplier, both has also different management. 2010 season is more severe with the omission of data exchange between Rossi & Lorenzo. All the limitations did not prevent him to play well in his first three seasons in the premier class.

Have his own riding style: many say his racing style adopt from Rossi. Regardless of whether true or not those views, its clearly visible Lorenzo wasn't adopt Rossi foot down style when cornering.

Do not have experience in developing motor: This is the first year as leader rider of Yahama for Lorenzo. That can make it also became his first experience leading research and development of the motor. Although it must be proved.

The Ability to do dog​fight is still lacking: Lorenzo must admit is still unable to compete with Rossi to have a duel head to head until the finish line.

Dani Pedrosa

Very good in Start: no doubt of Pedrosa skills in doing a brilliant start. Not just in taking pole position but also when he had to start the race from the middle row. If successful to escape from in early laps then it is very difficult for other riders to chase.

Adaptation time was the longest: the 2011 season Pedrosa became the longest surviving in a single team. Dani has joined the Repsol Honda team since he was first climbed into the top class in 2006. So, Pedrosa would have the longest time to adapt compare to other riders.

Tiny body: His posture among MotoGP rider was postute and could be a distinct advantage. His Motor could run faster because the burden is lighter. But his small body could be a disaster when it crashed. Most likely that The Little Spaniard bounced from his motorcycle.

Ability to fight is still lacking: as a result his to often leave his rival since the start, the ability to fight in close range was still less for Pedrosa.

Casey Stoner

Quickly adapted: in his first season with Ducati in 2007, Stoner immediately became world champion. This proves the Australian rider was able to adapt quickly to his new ride. When he tried the Honda RC212V the first time at Valencia circuit in November 2010, Stoner also showed a great result

Being able to do a good start: like Pedrosa, Casey Stoner also able to make a perfect start.

Has not proved to able to develop a motor: appear to dominate the 2007 season was not continued in the next season. Ducati experiencing problems that can not be solved by Stoner. To the extent that Ducati have to bring in his former rider, Sete Gibernau, to find out the root of the problem. Then in 2007 development of motor project is still headed by Loris Capirossi.

Often falls: in 2006 as MotoGP rookie the name was twisted to Casey "Crasher" Stoner. That's due to the frequent falls, both during practice sessions, qualifying and race time. Until the 2010 season ago, these bad habits are still common.

The decisions above is base on my personal opinion. An advantage may also not be able to show its full potential. Race is race, anything can happen in the tarmac.....

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