Lovely Myers Take on MotoGP Bike

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Elena Myers made his debut with a MotoGP machine at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Thursday (08.25.11). The first female rider to perform in the most prestigious class of the devouring several laps, using the Suzuki GSV-R's Alvaro Bautista.

17-year-old rider, who is currently competing in the AMA, completed five laps of the MotoGP circuit which has a length of 4216 meters. This is part of its preparations to face the Indianapolis Grand Prix this weekend.

In his debut witnessed by Bautista, as well as several top riders, Myers showed an amazing performance. He has recorded an impressive time, because reaching speeds of 306 km / h (190mph) when use her motor in a straight line, so that all who witnessed it and was sure impressed with the style of racing.

Before Myers, Bautista, who first tried the bike, so he could give advice to Myers. After that, the Spanish rider is sitting on the pit box and watch the action of Myers.

"Wow, I can not say anything more; it as an amazing experience!" Myers said. "I'm not enough just to thank the people at Suzuki MotoGP - they're awesome! This makes me very eager to come here and try it one day might be made manifest in the race weekend.

"Nor can I say about motorcycles, because there are 20 times better than I imagined - it is indeed amazing, and I think gradually I'll realize what just happened for several days. GSV-R has just washed away I am! "

Myers became the first female rider to win the AMA Pro racing when he won the SuperSport event at Infineon Raceway in 2010.

This season, Myers also carve a pretty awesome achievement. He managed to reach the podium at Barber Motorsports Park, plus five times finishing in the top five, so the current is ranked fifth AMA Pro SuperSport standings West Division - though absent in the two series because of injury.

America is now a young rider will remain in Indianapolis for the remainder of the weekend.

"It's nice to see Elena riding a MotoGP bike, and he was very calm. As Suzuki MotoGP team, we will help him to realize one of his dreams," said team manager Paul Denning. "At the age of 17 years, and assess performance at the AMA Pro SuperSport competition, he has good skills, which will evolve, as experience increases.

"He appeared today with great intelligence and maturity, but impressive to see he's not afraid of speed or the strong force from the motor! Thanks to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, for his help so that this can happen, including the children who had prepared the motor , and Alvaro, which allow Elena to use it! "

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