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Friday, August 26, 2011

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In 2007 MotoGP regulations impose a maximum turnover of the 1000cc engine to 800cc. The reason that time is for the safety of the drivers. The Motor Power of 990cc is considered to be too "wild". However, since the beginning, these regulations actually received sharp criticism from the MotoGP riders, including Valentino Rossi.

Rossi predicts motorcycles with engine capacity of 800cc can actually faster than the motor with a 990cc engine. In reality, power is a smaller 800cc bike, but at the bend can be made much faster than the previous generation motors. Although it is necessary to realize a variety of electronic controls that exorbitant price.

"I think, the manufacturer made a big mistake when they move to 800cc engines. After all 990cc engine is better than all aspects, "commented Rossi at the time.

Along the way, participants MotoGP manufacturers finally complained the high cost of development. Not just because they have to use some electronic devices that cost was cheap but also because of the 800cc engine is really something new. The results of the development was not fully applied to the mass production motor that does not exist engined 800cc.

The high cost of development which then create a satellite team unable to get a mount that is equivalent to that worn by the rider on the team the manufacturer. Not surprisingly, since the 2007 season until 2010 and then none of the team riders on the podium top satellite capable.

The situation then worsened after the global economic crisis engulfing the world. Kawasaki became the first manufacturer to pull out of MotoGP arena. This season, followed by Suzuki riders only lose one only.

This condition encourages the Grand Prix Commission consisting of the FIM (Federation International Motorsport), Dorna Sport (promoter) and MSMA (Motorcycle Sport Manufacture Association) decided the regulation of maximum engine 1000cc MotoGP with effect from summer 2012.

rossi sliding style in 1000cc
With the new regulation is expected MotoGP contestants are no longer in crisis. Dorna CEO, Carmelo Ezpeleta even dare to boast at least 2012 MotoGP will be followed by 22 drivers.

Ezpeleta conviction was based on a variety of concessions in the new regulations. Team participants can choose three options. Wearing a motorcycle with a 1000cc engine prototype, prototype 800cc and 1000cc machines of mass production that has been modified.

Allowing for 800cc machines still used of course meant that manufacturers who have not been able to do the construction of a new machine or the team gets a small satellite that has not been a new machine can still participate. Meanwhile, in allowing the use of mass production machines (which have been modified) certainly intended to attract a privateer team.

Since there are three different types of machines, each is also subject to "treatment" is different. For motorcycles up to 800cc engine minimum weight of 150kg set. As for motorcycles above 800cc engine minimum weight is 153kg.

To fuel tank capacity, 800cc and 1000cc engine prototype equally limited 21 liters. Also the same amount of usage the machine that is 6 engine for one season (for a single rider).

For non-manufacturer team (privateer) applied the exceptions referred to Rule Claiming Term (CRT). Teams are allowed to use the machine more that a maximum of 12 machines and use more fuel that is also a maximum of 24 liters. With allowance is expected to rule an independent team can be more competitive and able to reduce the cost of engine development.

Now, through a variety of "tolerance" rule on the MotoGP fans are just waiting for an appointment Ezpeleta presents at least 22 MotoGP riders on the starting grid in 2012.

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