Nicky Hayden Will Challenge Rossi

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Ducati's poor performance since the start of the season making their two rider, Nicky Hayden and Valentino Rossi, is almost certainly out of competition for MotoGP world title in 2011. Nevertheless, the condition does not necessarily make Hayden discouraged because he had a special mission, namely to defeat Rossi.

Hayden, who in 2006 put an end to five consecutive years of success Rossi won the MotoGP world, declared that he would be very pleased and proud when able to realize those expectations. Therefore, the U.S. rider that still has a passion to beat "The Doctor".

Admittedly, Ducati far behind the two rivals, Honda and Yamaha. When two teams are vying to fight over the podium, the new Ducati just two podium finishes from a total of 10 series that has acted, who each won Rossi and Hayden. The reality is very different era Ducati Casey Stoner and Hayden.

Rossi is currently ranked fifth in the standings with 108 points, while Hayden finished seventh with 94 points. At the same time last season, Stoner (ranked third) already reaping 119 points and Hayden (sixth) collected 99 points.

Throughout his journey in the arena of MotoGP, Rossi has always been on a teammate. Just last year seven times MotoGP world champion is under Jorge Lorenzo, team mate at Yamaha, who eventually became world champion. Rossi must accept the fact finish in fourth place, following a fracture right leg injury.

"Currently we are the only team that amplified two world champions (MotoGP) so this is quite unique, and we also still be a good tandem," said Hayden, who grabbed the world title with the Repsol Honda team.

"Of course he and I want to beat each other. He was ahead 14 points and of course a great honor for me if I could beat him. He had grabbed nine world titles and has set the standard for the last decade."

"I've learned a lot from him. This motor is new to him, and he always wanted to know why, and I think now the results are not yet visible. But I think next year everything will be paid off when we came up with new rules and they go back to 1000 cc engine . "

"I think, have two strong riders are heading in the same will be better than the two riders wanting a different way."

In the 11 series in Brno, Czech Republic, this weekend, Hayden will use Ducati GP11.1. This will be the debut of "The Kentucky Kid" with a new motor, which had tested at Laguna Seca at the end of last month, before he decided to keep using the GP11.

Interesting to see Hayden competition with Rossi. They will use the same motor. Rossi himself had already been put on motor outcome "marriage" between the 800 cc engine and chassis of the 2012 Dutch Grand Prix since June 25

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