Zara's heart to heart with blonde socialite who kissed Mike Tindall

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

By Ryan Kisiel and Rebecca English

Zara Phillips rang the woman seen kissing her husband on a drunken night out in New Zealand to get reassurance that nothing more happened.

The Queen’s granddaughter, who married England rugby star Mike Tindall just six weeks before he was caught on CCTV cavorting with Jessica Palmer, was shocked to discover the pair used to date.

So she asked for a heart-to-heart talk with the Sydney-based socialite.

Clear the air: Jessica Palmer spoke to Zara Phillips on the phone about the incident (pictured in Sydney on Tuesday)

Miss Palmer, 29, insisted nothing untoward happened and that they were ‘just two mates mucking around’.

But she apologised profusely for any embarrassment to the 30-year-old royal.

Miss Phillips apparently accepted the explanation and the pair have agreed to put the incident behind them.

A friend said: ‘She took it remarkably well, considering.’

Today the Daily Mail revealed the mystery woman at the centre of the furore as Miss Palmer.

Scandal: Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall married just six weeks before he was caught on CCTV cavorting with Jessica Palmer (pictured at the Gloucestershire home last December)

She enjoyed a year-long relationship with Tindall in 2002, shortly before he met his future wife.

When they split they remained close friends.

Miss Palmer has met Miss Phillips on dozens of occasions and even attended the couple’s wedding in July, alongside the Queen.

Three weeks ago CCTV footage emerged of Tindall nuzzling, kissing and hugging a woman during a ‘wild’ night out with the England rugby team in Queenstown, New Zealand at the start of the World Cup.

Miss Phillips was initially said to be ‘dismissive’ of the incident, while her agent insisted the girl was just an old university friend of Tindall, 32.

CCTV footage: Mike Tindall caught flirting with Jessica in The Altitude Bar in Queenstown, NZ

Apology: Jessica (pictured with Mike in CCTV footage) apologised profusely for any embarrassment to the 30-year-old royal

But it now appears she was not aware the pair had been romantically involved.

After flying to New Zealand a week after the scandal broke, she called Miss Palmer, who had fled home to Sydney.

A close friend told the Daily Mail: ‘You can see why they didn’t mention [their relationship] to her before as there was no need to.

'They were close friends and went back to being close friends. But you can also see why Zara was upset.

‘She rang Jess and they had “clear the air” talks. Jess told her nothing happened, nothing untoward and they were just mates mucking around.

'Zara took it very well, they’re still friends and I think just wants to move on.’

Miss Palmer’s former school friend Vanessa Rooth added: ‘She’s upset as this has been blown out of all proportion.’

Tindall’s spokesman has said the star does not want to comment further.


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