Doohan Believe Stoner Will Surpass His Achievement - Even Rossi

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Australian MotoGP living legend, Mick Doohan, fascinated by the performance of Casey Stoner, compatriot who is now at the verge of being world champion. Five trophy winning the 500 cc class is admitted that Stoner was in the golden age. If it continues, then he could break his record, perhaps even a record seven times world champion Valentino Rossi's MotoGP.

Currently Stoner comfortably at the top of the standings with 40 points advantage over its rival from Team Yamaha, Jorge Lorenzo. With three races remaining, which means a maximum of 75 points up for grabs, Stoner was very close to a second world title in his career in the premier class.

2007 world champion only needs to make a gap to be at least 50 points when the fight in the Circuit Phillip Island, Australia, 16 October. With these distances, Lorenzo could not inhibit Stoner to bring the Honda back grabbed the world title, after experiencing famine since 2006.

Seeing Stoner sheen debut with Honda, Doohan was enchanted. Riders who have won success and dominated the MotoGP with Honda during this 1994-1998 period confidently assert that Stoner was on the way the world record.

"I think he still has time for at least five years continue to be on track that is now being passed. So, he probably would easily pass what I've done, and maybe Valentino Rossi," said Doohan told Fox Sports.

"The future seems bright for the rider in Australia."

Indeed, Stoner trip to seal the 2011 world title this seems difficult to dammed. Moreover, the 15 series will take place at the Phillip Island circuit which has always been his since embraced the first world title in 2007 with the Ducati team. No wonder the overwhelming favorite for Stoner could perfect birthday celebration to the 26th with a victory in public alone.

"Lorenzo is a difficult opponent. He's very consistent and very rarely make mistakes," said Doohan.

"However, it does not mean it can not happen. That's about 75 per cent chance that will happen."

At the beginning of this year, Stoner reveals how pride can drive a motorcycle Repsol Honda, the same as that ridden Doohan, and refused about number of comparisons made between them. He was happy because her dream to follow in the footsteps Doohan can be realized.

"For me (following in the footsteps of success Doohan) is impossible. Firstly, I must overcome the same injury seems (Doohan's career ended when he was injured in the free practice at the Jerez circuit, in 1999). I think that's something that should people consider when they compare with other riders. "

"I tried to have the determination and unyielding spirit as did Doohan. To me, he had an inspiration."

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