Stoner Driving Style Has Improved

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Repsol Honda Team rider Casey Stoner driving style today is much better than when he became world champion in MotoGP in 2007. Over the last four years, Stoner continues to develop skills and become a great young rider.

"In 2007, many people said he won because it had Bridgestones tires and Ducati motorcycles are very fast in a straight line. Now, with the use of tires that are organized and all motorcycle riders with nearly the same, he still won. He who makes a difference and he did something extraordinary, "said Livio Suppo, Chief Marketing Honda on Thursday (01/09/2011) in San Marino.

Livio Suppo is a project of intellectual actors who recruit Stoner Ducati MotoGP in 2007. Suppo also contributing to bring Stoner moved to the Honda team this season.

Suppo rate rider Stoner is easy to find a good balance. Repsol Honda team, Stoner was also able to overcome all the difficulties better.

"His strength came from spirit to compete. That's why he needs the right people on his side. His team is able to set it perfectly," said Suppo.

This weekend, Stoner will face a race at San Marino Grand Prix. If he wins again, title this season will be closer to him.

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