Soccer News - Mancini Denies Rumors of Aguero to Madrid

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Rumor circulating, Aguero would only be in Manchester City for a year.

Chelsea manager, Roberto Mancini refused to rumors that said Sergio Aguero will be moving to Real Madrid this season.

Speculation is circulating, Aguero will join Real Madrid because there is a kind of unwritten rule that Atletico Madrid can not sell directly to the rival players. Thus Aguero would only be in Manchester City for a year.

Based on rumors, Aguero joined the City only as a stepping stone to eventually join Real Madrid.

However, Mancini immediately denied the issue and confirm Diego Maradona's daughter would have stayed at The Citizens and continue the glittering performance.

"It would be difficult for him to join Real Madrid because he had signed a contract for 5 years. I do not think this will happen, "Mancini said in The Sunday Express.

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