Indianapolis Still Held Motogp until 2014

Monday, September 12, 2011

Indianapolis will still hold the best motorcycle racing MotoGP world until 2014. Extension of the contract was awarded after an agreement was reached between the organizers and the Indianapolis GP MotoGP commercial rights holders, Dorna, Sunday (09/04/2011), in Indianapolis, USA.

After a successful Indianapolis GP held last week, doubts arise from many quarters whether the tracks will be used again to MotoGP next year. Old contract with the organizer of the MotoGP Indianapolis run out this season and until the implementation of the Indianapolis Grand Prix contract was not renewed.

"Indianapolis will still hold a MotoGP event to three years into the future. We are delighted with the agreement reached between the two sides over the weekend," said spokesman Dorna to answer all the doubts.

Indianapolis has hosted one of the MotoGP series since 2008 when organizers of the MotoGP take over the track which was originally designed for Formula One. Trajectory was experiencing major overhaul to fit for racing motorcycles.

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