Audi A8 Hybrid

Friday, September 2, 2011

2012 Audi A8 Hybrid Release - Audy A8 Hybrid finally released to the market to jazz up the fight Green Luxury Sedan. The car is ever present as a concept car in the event the Geneva Motor Show in 2010, appeared similar to the regular A8.  Audi A8 Hybrid is not undergone many changes, but this four-door luxury cars would be the most efficient car in its class.

For exterior A8 Hybrid comes with LED Daytime Running Lights typical Audi shaped like wings, the presence of the logo ‘Hybrid’ on the back, and the use of 10-spoke alloy wheels. In the cabin still looks the same as the regular version, there are only a few small differences, such as the use of three-wheel bars, tachometers spiked with green color and distinctive Audi MMI system that displays the condition of the car battery on the screen measures 8 inches. A8 Hybrid has, AC 3 zones that turn on automatically, and the concoction Bose sound system that produces quality sound.

For machinery, A8 Hybrid uses technology TFSI engine to the body A8 Hybrid. This sophisticated machine with a capacity of 2,000 cc, 4 cylinder engine capable of producing 211 hp power. This machine is accompanied by the spraying power electric motors 54 hp. And if the engine and electric motor work together will generate power of 245 hp. Power is channeled through the 8-speed Tiptronic transmission. For fuel consumption below 6.4 liters per 10 kilometers. If you rely on electric power, this car can reach a maximum speed of 100 kph in a high speed.

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