Volvo Truck Mileage 1 Million Km Without Replace Clutch

Sunday, August 7, 2011

An experienced truck driver Phil Moore recently completed a 1 million mile journey by truck Volvo. Hebatya, this trip uses only one clutch only, without ever being replaced.

Phil runs for seven years using six-axle Volvo FM. He worked for EBC Brakes as a consignor. Phil had just returned from the Netherlands recently. The busy schedule took him around Europe such as Holland, Bristol, Leeds and Hawick. And being able to reach around 2,700 miles a week.


"When I drive, I never stepped on the clutch. When I stopped at traffic lights, I always put the handbrake. This is a great achievement because, according to Volvo dealers, truck like this could have a clutch of three or more sets," said Moore as autoevolution reported on Saturday (08/06/2011).

Volvo FM Phil is the second truck, equipped with 9-liter engine that produces 300 hp solid. The truck, purchased from new in 2003, is managed by Volvo Truck and Bus Centre East Anglia Dealerpoint Kettering. Phil get the long life of the clutch with careful driving style. This is both a proven fact that Volvo does well.

Meanwhile, the ECB is a manufacturer of Brake discs and pads for cars and motorcycles and even ATVs. In 2009, the company moved from importing products into the U.S. from England and established a large warehouse facilities and corporate EBC Brake USA Inc., located in California.

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