Soccer News: Kaka Made Great Loss for Real Madrid

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Los Blancos claimed ready to sell Kaka to the club of origin only worth 11 million euros.

Real Madrid apparently ready to release Kaka to AC Milan. Even Madrid ready to experience a big loss by selling cheap Brazilian midfielder.

Reported by El Mundo Deportivo, Madrid is currently trying to reduce the excess number of players on the team. And Kaka became one of the candidates players 'not needed' entrenador Jose Mourinho.

Los Blancos claimed to be ready to sell Kaka to the club of origin was only worth 11 million euros. The price was certainly very far from the price paid when pry Kaka Madrid from the San Siro.

Madrid midfielder, 29, brought in June 2009 ago with fantastic prices up to 65 million euros. That figure put Kaka as one of the most expensive player in the world.

In other words, Los Merengues should be prepared to lose by 54 million euros from the sale of Kaka.

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